Wednesday, April 30, 2008


I'm keeping the swap open another week. All of a sudden people are joining so i'll leave it open till May 5th. Swap partners will be emailed on that day. Thanks!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

odds n ends

Had a good weekend in Boston. Feeling better. Getting caught up on stuff. Thanks for your comments and support. Got a menu together and will update the food blog soon. This one too. I've been working on a new quilting project when i can (hardly ever!). Will upload pictures soon.

Saw something the other day on a path near where we live. I spotted a turtle and a frog in swampy like ponds and was telling little dude that next time we'll bring boots and go in so we can touch them. Welllllll, later that day while walking back, we passed by a stream and out of the corner of my eye i saw a snake fly up and fling himself around. After a closer look i saw what he was doing. He had a frog halfway down his throat but he couldn't get the joint legs in and was trying hard. It had to be the most disturbing, disgusting but interesting thing I think i've seen. Oh yeah...the details. Snake was about 4 to 5 feet long and the frog was a good 6 inches. You won't be seeing my son going anywhere near any of the water in that park including the river. The images won't leave me head.

Speaking of bad images. I was having a bad dream last night and must have been talking in my sleep because ld sat up in bed so i did too. He took my face in his hands and gave me a kiss and said "All better mommy." And then we fell back asleep. It was so sweet and so funny. Makes the temper tantrums today a bit more tolerable. :-)

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Doing alright

I'm doing all right. Had a busy busy weekend and some unexpected this and that. Then root canal finale time. Not fun. Getting ready for a weekend trip too. I do need duas though. Can't say what for exactly but please send some our way...

I just don't have words right now. Will be back on Tuesday insh'Allah.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Stuff going on over here. Be back in a week or so....

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Grumpy day

This warm weather is making me and the little man fight a lot. I'm really annoyed today. I'm annoyed that i have to fight my kid to leave the house, to come into the house, to get into the library, to leave the library, to do this, to do that. Sigh. It's not a good day.

Here's my other long running complaint. I am finding it so hard to meet other people here. People are just not friendly in the northeast nor sociable. I was talking to a lady the other day and she's lived in her house for 25 years and just met her neighbors a few years ago. That's crazy!

Anyway, i thought story time at the library would be good for little dude to make friends and me too but here's the problem. It's alllll nanny's except for a few moms who i have nothing in common with and my kid doesn't either. So i tried a different library and this one almost made me laugh out loud. There were three primped women each with one toddler, and all 3 had a nanny by their side. It was hilarious to me. They were discussing with each other how their nannies are part of the family as the nannies watched the kids. I mean seriously, take the nanny to story time? Why? In case your kid throws a fit? I totally understand when there is multiple kids but one? This particular library makes you sign a paper in fact that a parent has to be present or a babysitter because people used to dump off their kids and take off for the half hour. It's a strange world where i live. It's like everyone works and has nanny's or their kids are older or they are at home with their nannies and that is just all too weird for me to be a part of it. I feel like calling them all "The Untouchables" because they are so distant from life. Hollow. They don't even touch their kids. I'm judging here but i just find it all so strange. It makes me miss Atlanta and i really hated Atlanta but it's looking like the most friendly place on Earth these days. I miss Colorado most. People were just cool there.

It's practically impossible to meet other likeminded moms here. In Atlanta I had a few good friends. That's all i need. One or two friends to get together with, get some fresh air with etc. I was talking to a woman i met a few months ago at the fabric store who just moved here too. We traded numbers (she is pakistani - that's how we struck up a conversation). Normally i avoid desi's because my friendships with them (not all of course) are transitory. They call only to gossip or get personal information but never to truly be a friend. I'm not into that.At.all. Anyway, this girl makes me laugh because yesterday we were talking and i was saying "what's wrong with us?" because she was saying her social life was suffering too. Both of us had good social lives before so it can't be us can it? She laughed too. It's just impossible here. She and i are friends but like usual our kids are way off in age so it's hard to get together because our lives are just different and her husband travels a lot while mine works a lot.

Bah humbug. That's my mood today. Crabby.

Monday, April 14, 2008

acorns and rocks

LD is into nature. I started when he was small taking him on a walk every day. This stopped when we moved here because it's too cold half the year. But anyway, we always collect leaves, acorns, and rocks. We help worms by moving them from the street to the dirt and we always smell flowers and not pick them (unless he excitedly bends over to smell them and falls face first into them breaking most :-). I love his love of nature. Except when we need to get somewhere. The kid always wants to stop and smell the flowers now and if you are walking and there are flowers, you won't be walking long.

Today, after throwing a fit for me wanting to leave the library, We finally make it outside and he says "Smell the fowers mommy." He kneels down like i always do. "See it. Prett-y." When LD sees a plume of trees or nature without man or building he says "prettty. see pretty mommy!" I laugh because i used to always point out the trees to him and the pretty colors and take pictures so now any set of trees is pretty. I love it when he says it and it always makes me smile that deep smile that can only be found at the core of me.

I follow along the flower bed. We do this to every single flower out there. Now I love that i've instilled this in him but i was hungry because i don't have anyone to make me breakfast every morning. And i wanted to get home. "No mommy! Smell da flowers! (crying now as i try to pull him away) Smell the fooooowers mommy!" Grrrr. This is when we fight. When he's doing something i've taught him to do and i don't want to. But the kid never wants to leave. He could stay there all day and never be ready to go. We go to a park and he always leaves in tears because he never wants to leave. Ever. I have a kid who never leaves a store crying and he never cries for us to buy him anything. But you take the kid outside and you are going to have a battle. It's a given. Even if it's just walking to the car. That walk can take an hour. And you can be guaranteed that when you do the mountain that's called laundry each week, there will be pocket after pocket of acorns and rocks.

Sunday, April 13, 2008


We have 3 so far. Is there anyone else out there that wants to join the thrifted, gifted and made swap?


Spring jacket!
Originally uploaded by wayfarer
Sometimes when i sew things i'm like "Eh, it's okay" but these are two of my recent favorite things.... a spring jacket for LD. I can't believe i finally got a pattern right and now i feel more confident about them because a lined jacket isn't exactly the easiest thing to make. I can tell you i never figured out how to do the sleeve edges so i just cheated and topstiched them. It's weird turning right side out. Any tips? It looks fine like this but i'd like to know for next time.

which buttons?
Originally uploaded by wayfarer

And these shorts.

skater shorts
Originally uploaded by wayfarer

LD loves skateboarders. He's always pretending to be one. When the little ironing board is out he's on there skating. Shen there's anything oblong he says "skateboard momma, skateboard!" I don't like skateboards. When i was in the hospital a few months ago for those kidney stones, there was a teenage kid in there with a face that was half missing, many broken bones and scrapes all from a skateboard accident. He was a big mess. I said then, no skateboards for my kid. Sigh. Anyway, i made him these cool kids skater shorts. Used vintage corduroy (color is better in person) - i couldn't for the life of me figure out what to use that fabric for. I got it in a packet with some other pieces at last fall's rummage sale. I was going to use the volkswagon bus fabric with it, but i thought this gave it a better vintage feel.

Originally uploaded by wayfarer

I didn't finish the bottoms because i want them to be a little "grunge". He loves them! Wouldn't take them off and started crying lol.

I can't wait to do more patterns now!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Sewalong project this week.

Something for the home.

Here's a great plastic bag holder. Hate plastic bags but let's face it, they up in our homes somehow. Grab this holder when heading out the door shopping or to store until recycling.

Coasters are always good.

Or quilted potholders.

What would you guys like to do next?

LD's quilt

Originally uploaded by wayfarer
sooooooo, here's my question. I want to do the binding in red to pull out the reds in the top, hubby is saying do turqoise. Would red be too offsetting?

I still have a little more of the quilting to do but loving it so far!

Friday, April 11, 2008


My music has been boxed up for a long time. I finally opened the box and i forgot just how funny Magnetic Fields are. Disk 2 all the way.

Thursday, April 10, 2008


I cannot believe it. The sun was out, jackets were left in the car and LD refused to get back in every time we stopped. I needed to drop off some stuff at the thrift store - they are only open on thursdays and i had my car full of boxes for them. He wanted to go in and then he wanted to climb a tree (?). He doesn't know how to climb a tree, nor is he big enough lol. He wants to be like Max i guess. That's his hero. Max the mischief maker (from Max and Ruby). Then he wanted to collect acorns, and play with sticks and jump in the leaves and have a leaf fight (which i was all for because let's face it, i'm taller and that means i win). I couldn't get him in the car there or at the library because he was so excited to be outside. Like this was going to be his only chance and he had to take full pleasure. Now his nap will be cut short because i need to go to the dentist and he's going with me. Root canal ickiness. Never had one but not looking forward to it. But one thing is making me feel better. Spring is here! The trees are budding, grass is starting to turn green daffodils have popped up. I've got to find a picnic basket and quick so we can start getting outdoors all day every day. Love that. House doesn't get messy, kid is occupied by natural things (no tv, no toys), mom gets fresh air and fresh perspective, we both get exercise and so many other positive things from the warm months. Fun fun fun.

No mommy! cut the fabics!

Conversation this morning while cutting the fabric for this quilt. Him choosing the ones and counting the pieces for me and me marking and cutting. (And him scattering them all over the room and driving his trains through them.)

Me: Come on, let's go to the library for storytime.
LD: No Mommy, cut the fabics (there is no r).
Me: Don't you want to go see the kids?
LD: No Mommy! Cut the fabics. Cut the fabics!
Me: You'd rather cut fabric than see the kids?
LD: Yes Mommy. No kids. Cut the fabics! Come on mommy. Cut the fabics.

LOL. What two year old would rather cut fabric with his mommy for a quilt than go to the library for storytime (and to wreck havic). Story time is a little crazy. Halfway through the first book, one kid will get off his mat and then another follows and then the whole system crumbles. Guess who is the one that brings the system down? Yes, my kid. He's ALWAYS the second one which is the one that brings everything down. The poor librarian who is new to children's storytime tries so hard. I feel for her and always try to keep his legs crossed to make it harder for him to get up and easier for me to plop him back down, but once anarchy takes over, there's nothing i can do. It's quite funny really.

Same thing happens at preschool. The way the teacher describes the breakdown makes me laugh. LD will instigate Joey, the other bored and physical kid, to join him in his plan and between the two they get the whole thing broken down. If you know Montessori schools, they like order and LD dislikes order. And he's bored there. Once he figures things out, he loses interest. I'd like to think that i'm raising my child wrong for him to constantly bring down the system but you know, i'm sort of proud. I'd rather have a reformist than a conformist.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Caught up a bit!

Finally got done with all my ebay selling. Spring cleaning is still underway. I'll start doing my menu's and food blog again in May. Been crazy around here!

I also have our next set of spring activities since the trees are finally budding and i'll post pictures of our past activities.

Getting a root canal done tomorrow after a bitter year long fight against it. Hate dental procedures and drugs and this has been a week full of drugs. Annoying. I really need to find a homeopathic store here. It's hard to find stuff here. We live in an area where it's rural but it's not. Everything is just far. Which reminds me, gotta go get the bernina back. She's all cleaned and spruced and ready to make a bunch of button holes. I got the call this morning.

I know i said i'd open the store but there doesn't seem to be much of an interest anyhow so i'm taking my time. There's locals who want to buy stuff though and it makes me want to go around to all the town center gift stores and see if they want to carry some of my things. That would mean little dude going to preschool more though and i can't bear the thought. Me and other moms around here are so different. They can't wait till their kids are in school and me, i can't bear the thought. I love spending time with him and doing things. Yes, at times, i want my own time but he is only going to be this small once. And this is the only time he'll love kissing and cuddling his mommy and wanting mommy to coddle him like a baby. And it's the only time he'll say the craziest things and wonder how he comes up with it. For instance, if he sees a hand print he says "hi five mommy hi five!" And how he wants me to put my legs on the coffee table so he can go across my train tracks. How he "needs" to go to New York City every day now. This request is not going away. How he calls little girls princesses and boys his friends, whether he knows them or not. How instead of saying "go again" he says "try again". How he eats a strawberry and says "juicy!" and how before he's even finished his bowl of yogurt and berries he's asking for "more please." And how when his doll or bear is in his way he says "Excuse me baby!" How he tells me "mommy, you need coffee. Tired. I'm tired too mommy. I need coffee too." So i make him ovaltine and me coffee and we talk about our day.

I love this kid and i love being a mom. God has given me something i never thought i'd have. I don't want to share it with anyone else. Annnnyway, I have this constant internal battle of wanting to do something outside the house and being a mom but it always comes down to being a mom first and letting that other stuff go, hence the reason i haven't been working hard on getting the store open. I want to, but i look at this boys eyes asking me to play with him, teach him, hug him and i can't refuse. Every cell in my body collects the memories of these days so when i'm old in my rocking chair quilting away in lonliness i can recall the weight of him, the way he plays with the baby hairs on the back of my neck and the way his breath sounds in my ear as he shifts his weight and lays his head on my shoulder. How he loves trains and talks about them all day and plays with them and gets excited about them when one day 30 years from now, he'll be stuck at a railroad crossing cursing the train that is making him late for work (God i hope not!).

Oh my God, listen to me go on and on. Like i'm hormonal or something. I'll spare you now...time to play.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Thrifted, Gifted and Made Spring Cleaning Swap

My first ever swap!

I was cleaning my craft area and i realized two things. I have an excessive amount of some things and lacking in others. Like most crafters, i like thrifting which often involves buying a group of things, some of which you don't use. Sooooo, here's a swap for spring cleaning crafters!

You'll answer some questions, i'll put your names in a hat and little dude will draw partners. I may intervene if i see that two people are a perfect match (i.e. you have an excess of what they need and vice versa). You'll send to your swap partner the following:

1. Misc craft supplies that they can use and you no longer need (according to the answers to their questions. If you don't have the supplies they need, then you may have to buy a few things.) It's hard to place a value or limit on this but let's say you need to send at least 3 things (a few scraps of fabric, a baggie of buttons, a ball of yarn, a set of knitting needles or a crochet hook and a roll of ribbon would be a nice package for example.) You could always add more but let's make it a minimum of 3-4 things.

2. A thrifted item. Could be a book, a bag of craft supplies, a pattern, linens, whatever... (see question 5 below too about this)

3. Something you handmade yourself. We all have things we've made but just sit there. Find one that matches your partner.

4. Optional regifting. Sometimes in swaps you end up with something that you adore but just can't use or maybe don't like. There may be a better home for it. Feel free to include that in your package so it can get good use. I don't like regifting but in the name of spring cleaning i'm going to break my rule! I actually don't have any of these since i've only done two swaps so am going to include an extra handmade item but i want this option out there for others.


1. What kinds of crafts do you like to do? (paper, yarn, fabric, etc)

2. What supplies do you need?

3. What supplies do have an excess of?

4. What fits your style? hippie, boho chic, shabby chic, dainty, vintage etc. - think in terms of craft supplies (fabric, patterns, etc)

5. Are there any thrifted items you won't use? Such as cookware, fabric, etc. Tell your partner so they won't get you something you can't use. List things you can and do use. If you don't like used items, tell your partner so they can perhaps make a little something extra for you instead.

6. What are your favorite colors?

Deadline to join the swap is April 30th. I'll email you your partners and your package has to be shipped out by May 30th. Email your answers and desire to join to

I hope this is a good swap. It's my first so we'll see!

btw, please comment here so i know to check my email...i don't check that account hardly ever but want to keep it organized over there.


I'm keeping the swap open another week. All of a sudden people are joining so i'll leave it open till May 5th. Swap partners will be emailed on that day. Thanks!

Monday, April 07, 2008

countdown begins!

Last fall, on LD's first day of preschool, i went to this rummage sale and my husband (surprise surprise) reminded me that it's coming up and asked if i was counting down the days. Well I am now! This is the motherlode of rummage sales. It's a football foot full of stuff. It's amazing. They begin getting donations two weeks before and it's amazing at the great stuff they get. And then everything is gone the last days. Every.thing. Because they do bag sales. Different booths have different prices. Last year i got a sewing bag full for $20. I got children's books for half off. Craft books half off. I bought a few plastic sleds because the metal ones were too scary for LD this year. I think that's it.

A lot of this vintage fabric i use came from here. I left with two garbage bags full of chenille blankets, fabric scraps, aprons, patterns, fabric, corduroy and then on the last day (bag sale day) i went back for another bag (mostly linens and flannel and some fabric).

They told me to volunteer in the spring so i am. I am hoping that it means i will be invited to a presale or at least be able to see what's available so i know what i'm going for. If not, that's okay too. Between what i bought and what i sold, i got some excellent deals last fall. My favorite of which was a tiny bag of quilt scraps for $1. I would have paid $10. I'm not kidding. I also bought a beautiful hand appliqued embroidered quilt which i was going to keep but was afraid to quilt it myself so sold it. It covered all my costs for the stuff i kept. An apron too that i bought for $3 sold for $20 on ebay. I buy mostly for myself but sometimes i change my mind and sell the stuff. This year i have an attack plan. Here's my list:

1. Get in line BEFORE they open this time so i can get one of the quilts this time - i was about 25 back the first time and they only allow a certain number of people per booth. Go for the quilts and then back outside to the scrap bin where all the great quilt scraps are and I'm hoping feedsack scraps. Find the treasured bag and then go for the buttons and then the patterns and then the fabric - vintage only. Regular fabric i'll wait till bag day.

2. Kids books. That's in another booth way down the way. Grab the ones i want and then go to the sports equipment where i will get a wagon and a radio flyer sled for LD. I may venture into the toy room if LD isn't with me to see if i can find a play house or slide. I may also look for wood toys and crafts.

3. Books - look for craft books and nature books like bird watching.

4. Craft booth. Browse the craft products.

5. Go back on bag day to sewing booth and get items i thought were too expensive and get all children's patterns to give away to friends.

I am so ready for this one! I am so counting the days. Rummage sale season is fantastic here. In Atlanta they had baby/kid ones which were great too but i only found a few toys at each one. I scored on a kelty backpack too but the ones here are amazing. Super buys like little dudes kitchen i got for $2.50. That thing sells for $200 in NY. The gocco i got for $20 - i know it says $25 but there's a story on why it's $20. Brand new in the box (!). Sadly, i've been afraid to drag it out and give it a go but that's because i've been sewing so much but now my gift giving sewing is almost done, i'm going to do eid cards on it. Yay.

I just cleaned up my craft room and got boxes together to donate for them and for the other charity shop i like. Cleaning yesterday inspired me to do three things. A giveaway, a swap, and to post pictures of my crafting space. Soon i'll post those.

Friday, April 04, 2008

next sewing project!

Posting this now since i'll be on valume the rest of the day. Hate that stuff.

i thought some baby projects would be fun to keep or to give as gifts.

Here's a pattern for a travel diaper case. Be sure to shrink the fabric first so it's washable and dryable.

Here's a diaper bag pattern.

Here's a burp cloth tutorial.

There are a bunch more free baby patterns on this website.

Don't forget about baby shoes. There are a variety of styles.

Bibs can be done in a variety of ways. Trace a pattern you like and follow the directions for any pattern. Here are (+more baby stuff) a few.

All the patterns i link to are free patterns (thanks to those who supply them. We APPRECIATE it!)

Great stuff for baby presents and/or for your little one.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

2 down, 7 to go

One more sneak peek uncut threads and all. I just love this one! Made from vintage corduroy and vintage dots. I so needs me a girl! No more peeking!

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

4 posts in 1 day.

That's all you're going to get from me this week lol.

1 down, 8 to go

I don't know which side i like better! I'm going to see how it looks tied and if i don't like it then i'll do buttonholes and buttons but will have to wait to get the Bernina back in 3 weeks to do buttons. Yes, my lovely machine is in the shop getting allspruced up for a whole bunch of work. Anyone like this one? This'll be the first one in the shop. There will be ages 12 -18 months and 18 months to 3 years. I am doing 7 other styles and there will be boy ones too.
The first one to make an order is going to get a nice treat!

Mom, i need to go to New York City

So on the way home, LD says to me (taking a break from drinking his milk which means it's VERY important to him).

"Mommy, i need to go to New York City. Where's the New York City?"
"Why do you need to go to New York City?"
"The cars are there."
"We have cars here too."
"Need the New York City."
"New York City is an hour away."
"Need to go to New York City. Let's find it."

LOL! I had to put this one down so i don't forget it. This'll be a scrapbook item for sure! These are common things of his. He calls all cities New York City. He likes to find things and people. Love 2 year olds!

How i began my day....

Every day i wake up at 5. When i go back to bed LD wakes up and snuggles over and grabs a hand full of my hair. Of course i never can fall back asleep as he strangles me so my lack of being able to fall back asleep eventually wakes him up completely. Well today i crawled back in quietly and just as i was about to fall asleep this is what i got.

YELLING "Whas the moose? Cocka oink oink! Make the SOUND of moose ma, amiiiii! Where's the moose (in an even higher tone)?" (he has a stuffed moose)

I don't know what SOUND a moose makes! And check out the use of ammi here. You see, he knows if he calls me daddy he gets 50% of my attention, if he calls me mommy it moves up to 75%, but if he calls me ammi, my heart melts and he gets 100% of my attention. Wise boy knows how to use manipulation.

Scared me half to death! So loud. I don't know how this kid wakes up raring to go so quickly every morning. This was louder than usual but he always gets up with a jolt. He goes to bed around 10 and wakes up at 5. It just isn't normal! The cocka oink oink is from a book. If you haven't read "Cock a Moo Moo" you are really missing out. It's one of his top ten favorite books.

I'm happy to report the tyke is back at school for a couple mornings a week so i just cut 8 smocks and will begin sewing this afternoon when he is sleeping (IF). Expect them by the end of the week!


I love getting stuff in the mail and it's especially good when you don't know what you are getting! It's rare to get such a treasure amongst junk mail, bills, and more junk mail.

Look what I got yesterday! I told you I won Handi Dandi Mandi's giveaway but she threw some more goodies in the box and i might add that it was the best smelling package i think i've ever got!

All my favorite things!

A very cute felt bag and you all know how much i like felt and how me and my Little Dude like apples so I have a feeling he might take this for himself. I'll share. It's so cute though!

felt apple
Originally uploaded by wayfarer

Some buttons. Very cute buttons. I really really like the white rose looking ones and those with the plaid but they are all very nice and fun buttons.

Originally uploaded by wayfarer

There is also some dried lavendar. I have been looking for lavendar for some time now because i have a few vintage linen tea towels that i want to cut up and make lavendar sachets out of. This will help with that! I love lavendar. I seriously do. When i backpacked across Europe, i rented a car to drive to the Loire valley and then further into lavendar country and i can't tell you how many times i stopped to run through lavendar fields in the French countryside. I always picked a snippet and kept it in the car. That car smelled so good when i returned it. I also stayed at a convent near there where they made lavendar perfume. I bought some and was so sad i didn't buy more once i ran out. Loved those nuns too. I remember waking up and being jolted out of bed by them and then walking down the hall, one kissed me smack on the lips and said "May the spirit of God be with you!" I loved this convent. Anyhow, i love lavendar. I think you get the point. It also helped with years of insomnia when all i really needed was a little dude to deprive me of sleep. That's a true cure!

Okay, on to the ribbon! I adore this favorite things one. Seriously, that's being put to use TODAY. It has to. Look at the star one too and the fuzzy novelty ones.

Originally uploaded by wayfarer

GREAT package Mandi! Thank you so much!