Thursday, August 27, 2009


I'm taking what I expect to be a semi-long computer break. Little Dude and I are having some issues and I need to work them out and focus solely on him for a little while. Be back later.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A good thrifting day.

I was heading home from a hectic morning out with the kids. Library visits, park, etc etc. On the way home i saw a sign on a church board advertising a garage sale. It looked desolate but i drove around to the back and there were a few cars there but each one was carting away boxes of stuff. Lots of stuff. Good stuff. I drug the tired kids out and headed in. What a treasure trove. Part of me is glad i missed the opening part because i would have been like one lady, filling my car to the gills. On the other hand i know i missed the things i truly enjoy finding. Vintage linens, quilts etc. Here is what i came home with regardless. More detailed pictures to follow. Guess how much i paid for this pile o'junk... that Joovy Red Caboose Stroller included.




The only thing my husband was truly happy i came home with. We have a double stroller, a travel system and a strollee and use them all but it seems like my car always has three strollers in it and it gets tiresome. This works for both kids - stand on and sit for LD, the front is for BG and that tray comes off and an attachment slides on if you want to use it for the baby car seat. LOVE this. And to think i walked right past it at first. This stroller works for everything and now i only need one in the car unless we are going someplace both kids may fall asleep or need more resting. They do love to hold hands in the side by side double but now at least i don't have to worry about lugging two strollers while out if LD is in a tired mood. It's not in perfect condition but it's good enough.


Sunday, August 23, 2009

Look what's coming....slowly but surely...



Friday, August 21, 2009

Ramadan Mubarak!

May you all have a blessed month.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

30 Days of Ramadan


I've started a new blog for the month of Ramadan, 30 Days of Ramadan. It's a craft oriented blog for a Ramadan craft a day for kids. Let me know if you want to submit a craft for one of the days.

Rice Flea Market - New Hope, PA

rice flea market finds

So we made it to Rice Flea Market last weekend after all. The birthday party was cancelled. It wasn't worth it though. Overpriced junk is just junk that is overpriced. Weird how they think they can sell it. I did pick up a few things though so it wasn't a total bust.

I got a vintage tea towel (new with tag). Love that old linen and those colors suit my kitchen. A vintage embroidered pillowcase which will become a bag or other repurposed thing or be sent to my mother. It's quite beautiful. Also an embroidered table runner. Also doomed to be repurposed. The vintage knitting spool was made in W. Germany. Debating on whether to list it on ebay/etsy or let the kid learn to knit on it. Probably the latter. The paint is peeling a little on the face but it's still very cute. The picture is bad because my flash hasn't been working the past two weeks. It's not as rough in real life as it is in the pic.

Those two bottles of sauce rock. Delish. She had a tasting station. Yum. We also got some fresh baked Italian goods I forgot to put in the picture. In the brown paper bag is Baby Girl's prized purchase...homemade Italian style pretzels - boy did she love knawing on that throughout. You should have seen my shirt after (because she of course had to be held by mommy throughout the market). I still can't believe the things i let her do. Chewing on all kinds of breads, pretzels, pizza crust. I didn't give that junk to Little Dude until he was nearly two. The corn husks came from a Mexican shop in New Hope (lovely little town). I've been looking for these FOREVER to make homemade tamales.

I can't wait to go back to New Hope in the fall when it's not so hot and we can actually slowly walk the streets instead of trying to keep Baby Girl out of the sun.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

gotta love the 60's

I found this book a year ago at a rummage sale. I love the pictures and the price but never took the time to go through it. I finally did and it's got a wealth of information in it and written in a groovy style. :-)

Look at that cover...

60's sewing book

and chapter 1...


chapter 3. Look at those bolts of fabric. And that purse.


Don't you love the rick rack at the cuff of those pants? I'm so doing that to a pair of Baby Girls. I'll skip the fringe part though. Ick.


back cover...


And how groovy is the fabric underneath... Peter Pan fabric. I sold a yard of this last year because i didn't know what to do with it but i kept a yard for myself because i love the funkiness of it. I'm glad i did because it's going to become a part of many soon to appear projects...robot...knee patches...etc.

Peace love and hair grease!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Peach picking

We went peach picking this past weekend and Baby Girl actually picked a peach and ate it. When it got all crazy mushy all over the carrier, we took it away and the girl threw a hissy fit. I never in a million years would have done this with Little Dude at her age. The flexibility i have with her (letting her mash a huge chunk in her mouth with no teeth) shocks me. She does good though. She uses her finger to push it over to her gums. Quick learner this one. We went to a barbeque the next day and this girl dug through a big bowl of fruit and find the only peach they had in the bowl. Gotta love her. She's too cute for words. She is eating purees now too so i just may do a baby food blog.

Sooooo, today is my birthday and i'm 36 and that is just shocking to me. I mean 36 was ooooold when i was younger. 40 is around the corner. Okay enough about that.

We have birthday party to go to this weekend for little dude's friend...her birthday party always gets in the way of my plans for my own but oh well. No Rice Flea Market, no nothing really because it's smack dab in the middle of the day. Grrrr. Maybe we'll hit the beach on Sunday.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Rice Flea Market

I've been hearing and talking about going to the Rice Flea Market a hop, skip and a jump away and finally it's happening. This is the week i've been waiting all summer for. My poor husband is going to be tormented and i'll do my best to ignore his painstaken face as I *hopefully* drag home some goodies on Saturday. It's been a long while since I went to a flea market, probably ten years or so.

here's my wishlist:

- vintage sewing stuff (buttons, rick rack, printed pattern bias tape)
- old quilts (grandmother's garden, texas star, Methodist star (i think that's the name), or any feedsack quilt).
- those old colored knitting needles
- giant picture frame (i've been on the search for this for months now but i'm hoping...)
- ephemera

Not too much to ask for right?

Friday, August 07, 2009

Delicious recipe~!

I'm trying to eat more veggies and have more vegetarian meals and when i saw this sandwich i knew i would like it. I've wanted to make it since seeing it on Salt and Chocolate's blog (originally from here) and i finally did and wow, yum! Next time I think i'll add some eggplant too. I paired it up with a pasta salad since i was craving that too. I'm so happy not to be travelling anymore. Good home.

And...i ordered the patterns and plan to start the knitting portion after our soon to arrive guests leave tomorrow morning. Yay! I'll definately be doing the acorn backpack first because i just adore it.

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

adorable doll kits

Will someone please tell me why i still haven't ordered this set of doll patterns from Wee Wonderfuls? I mean seriously, how cute are those. One for my boy, one for my girl and a hope that they could play together. Will someone please tell me to finally push "purchase" and just do it? I REALLY want to make these. I know i have zero time, but my oh my, it would be worth some late nights burning the midnight or 2am oil, which the case is likely to be. If there are five comments telling me to hit that button, i will. And I'll likely be up the next five nights until 2 am working on them. Come on, i know you want me if that acorn backpack doesn't sell you alone!

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Cozy Cone Motel

So.....having the need to create something. Anything. But no time and no naptime symmetry, i told Little Dude I'd make him something cool if he played with his sister for 15 minutes. This is what i made...

cozy cone motel

....a cozy cone motel room (from the Cars movie if you don't have a Cars fan in your house). Here comes lightening...

cozy cone motel

It's really bad sewing because it was really quick but it's paid off because he's still in there playing with it allowing me to post on the blog. I stole was inspired by the one in this etsy shop. I just had to make once i saw it. It was not leaving my mind. It took forever for me to figure out how to make a cone out of fabric but figured it out enough. It's not as nice as hers, but it'll do. But with 5, er...15 minutes, not bad.

cozy cone motel



We are finally done travelling. It's been a crazy 6 or 7 weeks for me. Trip to the inlaws, next day my mom arrived here, two weeks later she leaves and then i have to prepare for the garage sale which i was really happy with the results. Decluttered and some money to boot. After that i had to pack for Denver and go. Denver was crazy. Late nights, missed naps, rainy weather, etc. Little Dude couldn't make it up the mountains i miss so much and he also didn't make it through one of the flights without getting sick all over me. Delayed flight back but once we hit home, i felt bliss. We are done with all our travelling for the summer. I can't do any more. (Amy....i know i know....i just don't know if i have it in me for another trip lol). I need a vacation after all this "vacationing". My garden grew while i was gone though. We have some yummy green beans and tomatos. I think the rabbits or other biggish creature got my basil and cilantro. I guess that's the price you pay for homegrown. Now for the last few weeks of summer (if that's what we're calling this rainy weather lately) i want/need to do a few sewing projects and laze about a little. Need to do the summer reading program. Clean out the baby pool and just relax. Gotta hit the beach up for my birthday next weekend too. I can't wait to go on some of the rides with my big boy. Maybe win him some junk too. And funnel cake, is that you i hear calling me?