Sunday, July 29, 2007

Home sweet home

Finally our house is in working order. Still have lots to do but it's feeling like home. It's been a hard adjustment for the little one and he's not having an easy time with the change...hence my lack of communication (sorry that i still haven't responded to emails etc...i promise soon). I've been spending extra time with him and just trying to make him feel comfy. I still don't have internet either. I can get a signal every now and then but for the most part can't get online yet. I just don't know who offers wireless service around here. This house isn't even wired for cable - it's all satellite. Need to talk to the neighbors and find out.

I've also found the lovely craft of embroidery and have been relaxing with it at night. I thought embroidery was for old ladies but it's a blast. I got some patterns from Sublime Stitching a few weeks ago and finally sat down and embroidered. So much fun! I'll post pictures soon insh'Allah. LD even helped. I put the needle through and he'd pull it out. He's not the kind of kid who sits but he sat and had a blast helping. I know...bad momma for letting him play with needles but i would hold the thread underneath so he couldn't yank it and hurt himself.

Oh yeah. And get this. I never ever win anything, ever and on most days lately it seems like I'm running against the wind but I walked into AC Moore the other day and saw a lady crossstitching...another thing i tried recently when we were staying in the hotel and i got to talking to her and then filled out a contest form for a drawing which i assumed would take place later but didn't even give any thought to and then walked into the store. I got to my aisle and then heard my name over the loudspeaker - my presense was requested and i won an awesome gift basket full of fun stuff for kids. It's not age appropriate for my guy but next summer it will be. Too cool. I never ever win anything. Then get this. I was hurrying through the crazy filled store (some sort of craft bazarre going on) and got my things. I picked up the pattern i brought with me and a coupon fell off. I have no idea where it came from but it came in most handy. I have a lot of baby presents to make lately.

Okay enough blabbing. I've got to get back to work. Need to build the toddler bought we just bought and unpack the boxes in my office/craft room. Isn't it cool that I have one of those now?!? Excited about that ya'll. Can I still say ya'll now that I'm in the North?

Menu planning

Figured I'd get back to the food posts since I'm finally back to planning my meals. Every Sunday or Monday I get out my recipe books or pile of "want to try" recipes and plan the menu for the next week or two. I try to find recipes that use similar odd ingredients. By odd I mean things I don't always have on hand or use (parsley, red onions, etc.). That way I can use them up and not waste them. So here goes:

Breakfast: Eggs and tomatos, cheese
Lunch: Stuffed shells
Dinner: Spaghetti and lamb chops. (I will make enough spaghetti to freeze some for lunches). Mandarin Orange salad for dessert.
Snacks for the week: Yogurt and fruit. Peanut and Jam Squares.

Breakfast: Cereal
Lunch: Sweet potato and chicken soup.
Dinner: Keema, dahl, okra.

Breakfast: Boiled egg. Fruit.
Lunch: Ratatouille.
Dinner: Chicken panang. LD will have leftover soup from yesterday or leftover stuffed shells if he won't eat it.

Breakfast: Fruit kabobs with yoghurt dipping sauce.
Lunch: out for lunch
Dinner: Chicken rolls. Tres Leches Cupcakes for dessert.

Breakfast: Fried eggs and potatos. Fruit.
Lunch: Out of the garden pancakes.
Dinner: Salmon, asparagus, rice.

Weekend: I don't plan the weekend. We usually eat leftovers from the freezer. This weekend it will probably be dalcha one day and tomatar ka salan the other day. Weekend breakfasts are much like weekday ones. Lunches on weekends are usually out or simple.

I always have the same things on hands usually and often make extra for the freezer. Dry goods like beans, lentils, pasta, etc. I also have much of what I need in the freezer. But since we just moved and I gave everything away, I'm starting from scratch so my groceries will be more than normal and will cost more too (I haven't forgotten about the "how do you feed a family of 3 for $200 a month" question...will get to it soon).

I'm going to post my menu plans for a couple months to show what i do and will calculate what i spend on groceries in a month. So far I've shopped once here and it was $100 for the basics. After shopping I'll post what I got and what I spent.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

We're here!!!!

Well, NJ sure is different from Atlanta. For one thing, I don't flinch at sounds as much. When the door bell rings I don't get scared and when it's noon on a Wednesday and no one is around, I don't worry about burglaries. That's one thing. It's so peaceful and calm here and I feel so safe. I never felt safe in Atlanta because no neighborhood was safe from burglaries. I don't care about material stuff but was always worried about someone breaking in when i was home. It happened to two friends of mine that live in very nice areas. One way out of the city and the other close to where we lived, on the edge of the city. All good areas.

The only time I don't feel calm here is when we go out driving and then it's fight for your life, or your lane, whatever the case may be. Or there was the case yesterday of driving near the temple during some special function and getting caught in a traffic jam. I felt like I was in India. Women all decked out in sari's, kids in shalwar khameez's, men too. Bumper to bumper traffic, desi style. You know, where it's more of a jig jag then a line.

Finally found the indian store and the halaal market that our neighbors told us about. Good to find the good ones right off instead of having to do the leg work first. Funny store about the halaal market but won't share it right now. It requires photography.

I've had sketchy internet service (because I'm "borrowing" my neighbors connection until mine gets hooked up) and wavering cell phone service. My phone line itself is beyond sketchy. That's what i've been up to...well and getting through these boxes. Moving our stuff from a huge house to a medium size house and an especially small kitchen has been a challenge. Anyway, if you've emailed me and I haven't answered, this is why. I hope to get caught up with everyone on Tuesday.

I must say I like New Jersey and I don't understand the bad rap it gets. Sure it's overpriced but look where it's situated and all the things to do here. It's so family oriented with tons of family activities and New York, and the whole New England area is so accessible. It's also beautiful. The farms and countryside make me feel so calm. The deer, hedgehogs, wild turkeys and rabbits in our yard amaze me. Yesterday the door bell rang and there was a lady with a bag of information and welcoming coupons. I'm very happy here. I miss my friends and there's a few things I could complain about buy why. The way I see it, this is the good life.

I better skat. We have a birthday party to go to. Can you believe the Little Dude already has a good friend...his polar opposite. It's neat to see LD interact with a boy. Back in Atlanta ALL of his friends were girls. With his new friend, LD is the sporty get into trouble and make a mess sort of kid while this kid is exactly the opposite. He hovers over LD shaking his head lol. It's so funny. He's very gifted too mash'Allah. I'm pretty sure he's a genius. To see a genius interact with my wild thing is pure joy. It's like he will pet GK's (Genius Kid) bunny or cat and LD will run up and pull the cat's tail or chase the rabbit driving GK crazy. We do miss his girlfriends in Atlanta though. One called yesterday to see how he was doing. His bestest friend ever. :-) (miss you guys already)

* NJ - you are the first on my "to email list". Monday I promise. Oh, and the answer to your question is "i don't think so..." More later.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Do not trust gates.

I just got home from the pediatrician. My little dude climbed over the gate on the deck and went tumbling down 15 or so wooden steep steps and landed on concrete. He went head first. I trusted the gate to keep him contained because he never tries to climb over them. Thank God he is okay. Lots of bumps, bruises and scrapes on his head but he's alert and everything is working. Taking a good nap right now after the tramatic experience. He looks horrible. I think i need to put a hundred into his therapy jar this time. I feel so sick to my stomach for letting this happen.

Don't trust gates to keep your kids safe...

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Recycled tie pouch

Front of recycled tie pouch
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I love the colors on this one. Same book, different project....recycled tie into mini purse, pouch, whatever you want it to be - mine is a little pouch. I strayed from the pattern a bit but love the colors. Wish the inside was the blue but really like how it turned out anyhow.

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Home Sweet Home...

...for the time being anyway. It's too bad that my last week here will be total chaos...packing, tossing, giving, organizing, cleaning. LD is sick too which requires lots of extra attention. BUT, i took a couple hours of freetime and crafted. Finally! I made two purses and two little bags from Last Minute Fabric Gifts by Cynthia Treen. I realized i need a lot of practice's been so long since i've stitched by hand. My lines aren't great and meander but it was fun, quick, and i'm very happy with the results. Love that they are made out of old clothes too. I got everything to make this projects for $5.

You can see more pictures of the projects here.

*** thanks mystery egg for the heads up on the book!

Thursday, July 05, 2007


Ugh, it seems like we'll never actually move. Been living in a hotel that is more condusive to slitting wrists than actually living. It's downright depressing. And when you don't have a car and your toddler is sleeping through a good portion of the day (because he doesn't go to bed until midnight lately), it gets really old after two weeks. Thank God we're almost out of here and into the house. Been trying to get rid of the masala smell and getting a few rooms painted and carpets cleaned. I'm really liking it though and can't wait to actually live there. I'm off to GA to pack and move now. Alhamdulillah! Our house is under contract too so that means my last week in it is going to be awesome.

My plan is to make as many messes as i can and leave them out. That means LD gets to paint, draw, and be his crazy little self again. Mom gets to cook and be lazy for a moment until moving kicks in. I never thought I'd look forward to cooking again so much. I'm sick of eating out. I can't stand it and I don't know how my husband has done it for all the years he's done it. I don't really like eating out because I think my food tastes better. There's only a few things i really enjoy eating out and that's because it's things i don't make: sushi, seafood, kabobs and the occassional breakfast.

Not much else going on here...

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Car Pooja

Here's a website that explains car pooja...

LD has picked up the ATL style...

ld has picked up the ATL style
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