Sunday, July 22, 2007

We're here!!!!

Well, NJ sure is different from Atlanta. For one thing, I don't flinch at sounds as much. When the door bell rings I don't get scared and when it's noon on a Wednesday and no one is around, I don't worry about burglaries. That's one thing. It's so peaceful and calm here and I feel so safe. I never felt safe in Atlanta because no neighborhood was safe from burglaries. I don't care about material stuff but was always worried about someone breaking in when i was home. It happened to two friends of mine that live in very nice areas. One way out of the city and the other close to where we lived, on the edge of the city. All good areas.

The only time I don't feel calm here is when we go out driving and then it's fight for your life, or your lane, whatever the case may be. Or there was the case yesterday of driving near the temple during some special function and getting caught in a traffic jam. I felt like I was in India. Women all decked out in sari's, kids in shalwar khameez's, men too. Bumper to bumper traffic, desi style. You know, where it's more of a jig jag then a line.

Finally found the indian store and the halaal market that our neighbors told us about. Good to find the good ones right off instead of having to do the leg work first. Funny store about the halaal market but won't share it right now. It requires photography.

I've had sketchy internet service (because I'm "borrowing" my neighbors connection until mine gets hooked up) and wavering cell phone service. My phone line itself is beyond sketchy. That's what i've been up to...well and getting through these boxes. Moving our stuff from a huge house to a medium size house and an especially small kitchen has been a challenge. Anyway, if you've emailed me and I haven't answered, this is why. I hope to get caught up with everyone on Tuesday.

I must say I like New Jersey and I don't understand the bad rap it gets. Sure it's overpriced but look where it's situated and all the things to do here. It's so family oriented with tons of family activities and New York, and the whole New England area is so accessible. It's also beautiful. The farms and countryside make me feel so calm. The deer, hedgehogs, wild turkeys and rabbits in our yard amaze me. Yesterday the door bell rang and there was a lady with a bag of information and welcoming coupons. I'm very happy here. I miss my friends and there's a few things I could complain about buy why. The way I see it, this is the good life.

I better skat. We have a birthday party to go to. Can you believe the Little Dude already has a good friend...his polar opposite. It's neat to see LD interact with a boy. Back in Atlanta ALL of his friends were girls. With his new friend, LD is the sporty get into trouble and make a mess sort of kid while this kid is exactly the opposite. He hovers over LD shaking his head lol. It's so funny. He's very gifted too mash'Allah. I'm pretty sure he's a genius. To see a genius interact with my wild thing is pure joy. It's like he will pet GK's (Genius Kid) bunny or cat and LD will run up and pull the cat's tail or chase the rabbit driving GK crazy. We do miss his girlfriends in Atlanta though. One called yesterday to see how he was doing. His bestest friend ever. :-) (miss you guys already)

* NJ - you are the first on my "to email list". Monday I promise. Oh, and the answer to your question is "i don't think so..." More later.


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