Friday, June 15, 2007

Must craft soon.

I'm going crazy not being able to have any projects going, not even one. I've got some cloth that is waiting for me to stitch, yarn waiting for me to crochet and knit. Paper waiting for me to make cards and a scrapbook on the way to well, scrapbook. My fingers are itching to get stiching. We thought we had the house sold but it didn't happen. For that split second, i was so excited to pull out some stuff and make a big ole crafting mess but in an optimistic two, pessimistic three weeks i'll be crafting again. On a good note, i've read a few books. A couple i had to review and a couple for fun.

What's first on my list:

1. Wooden blocks painted by yours truly for mine truly.
2. A quilt. I'm determined to learn to quilt before my next kid.
3. Get back into knitting. I've already forgotten how to fix mistakes (again) but i'm visiting my mil soon and will relearn and on return will begin making dishcloths and bibs to keep me in practice until i get something big going. Also have some baby blankets to make for all the moms to be (seems to be in the water) i know.
4. Scrapbook - again, gotta get this going before next kid.
5. Prayer garments that i'll be selling on Ebay.


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