Sunday, June 03, 2007

Make a list and have a plan.

One of the most important things for frugal shopping and reducing waste is to plan. Write out what you want to make that week, pull out recipes and write a list of all ingredients and how much you need if it's something you don't usually buy. If you are going to buy basil and you don't usually buy basil, you don't want to buy a big bunch, you may just need a small one. On a sidenote, if you know you won't use the whole amount, look for another recipe that uses basil. Or make tomato sauce and add the basil there, freeze the sauce in cubes. You can also freeze basil by chopping it and filling an ice cube tray with water and putting it in there. Cover, freeze, and then put into baggies. When you want to use it, thaw it out and add to whatever it is. Saves waste.

I wish i could show you my 2 week plan that i normally do but with the move and all i'm trying to just use up what's in my fridge and freezer before moving. Once we move though i will chart this out and make my grocery list and show pricing too. Until then, i'll give some other tips.


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