Tuesday, May 22, 2007

101 things to do in 1001 days

I've been working on my list for the 101 things to do in 1001 days project.

One of the goals i have listed on there is to read all the books on my shelf that I haven't read. Anyway, the library (both here and in NJ) have e-audiobooks now. You can download audiobooks and 10 at one time too. For mother's day, dh got me an mp3 player which you can download the books to. How awesome is that! That's going to make it so much easier to get this list down. About a quarter of the books i need to read are downloadable. In total i don't have as many as some people i know. Probably 50 or so plus 10-15 religious ones and some miscellaneous poetry ones. I wouldn't even have that many but i just traded a bunch of books in that i'll never read again so a lot of these are recently gotten by trade and also paperbackswap.com. They are still included in that goal though. I figure if i haven't read it in 1001 days, i'm probably never going to read it. Religious books and reference books are excluded from the goal...well i'm to read the ones i haven't but i won't get rid of them regardless because they take longer to process and i don't like to rush religious reading. It's the journey right?

I'll post my list once i have it completed. Funny that a few things have already been accomplished. Amazing what you get down by writing things down!


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