Saturday, May 19, 2007

Shazia's weightloss contest

Since weaning the little dude, i put on 10 pounds in one month. I was already wanting to lose 10. I'm tall so i'm not really overweight but it's all hanging out in one spot - the weak abs from carrying a big baby. I had gained 60 pounds with him if you can believe it and lost most of it in the first few months. Here's my plan how to lose the weight:

Treadmill 3x week
Yoga and pilates 2-3 times a week
Walk the park 3x a week (i already go for the playground but don't usually walk while there - this one might be tricky though pulling the little dude away from the playground)
Geocache ( more
get hospitalized for a day leaving me unable to eat for 2-3 days lol - i lost 5 pounds right there. Wooo hoooo, i'm on a roll. :-)

Notice I didn't put anything about food reduction or changes. I really feel we eat pretty good around here...balanced. We've been eating out a lot lately though since we've been out of town so much but still, we tend to share meals and a dessert in order to not overeat or waste food.


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