Sunday, May 13, 2007

home sweet home

1 house + 1 indian couple + their arab real estate agent + nj = terrible house buying experience.

We are semi under contract but don't trust it for a minute. The mean above mentioned real estate agent is slimy and renigged our offer after the owners accepted it and made us up our price for a supposed new offer. Slimy business here...nothing like Georgia. We just may have a house though because they at least cancelled the open house for today. After looking at 100 or so houses here there's only two we took seriously. I sure hope it goes through but we don't trust this lady at all. They sucked us dry.

To put a positive note to this experience. I feel like i'm living in Gilmore Girl land...that's what the towns are like here and i really like the cozy and homey feel of new jersey. It feels small town but the people aren't small town types. Quaint area sure. They have plays in the park that you can audition for and i just might. I loved doing plays when i was younger. There's all kinds of activities for families and it's very pretty here. The visit two weeks ago was so ugly because it was all brown and the trees were bare, this time it is so pretty with everything in bloom.

Did i mention that we are going to be living in a bubble? That's what our neighborhood is like, total bubble but a nice bubble and the house is very cool and cheerful. We just have to clean it really well to get the curry smell out cause i've never smelled such a currified house. Icky. Got to cleanse the place with prayer also to get rid of the idol worshipping that went on in there. No offense to any hindus but it is what it is.

Happy mothers day to all the mommies - may this day be filled with joy, peace and no dishes! :-)


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