Thursday, April 26, 2007


1. Trying to find a house.
2. Trying to keep my computer alive for more than five minutes at a time. Yes, it's going through a slow agonizing death and taking me along for the emotional ride. Hence my lack of blog participation.
3. Trying to sell our house.
4. Trying to keep my nerves unjumbled.
5. Trying to get back on religious track...sadly, i've detrailed these past few busy weeks.

1. LD's scrapbook.
2. Picture organization.
3. Eid cards.
4. Everyday fun cards. (making)
5. Geocaches (finally broke 200)
(read as: avoiding work)

Can't wait to be settled in the new house so i can:
1. Work on sewing projects.
2. Smell up my house with desi cooking toxic fumes (not good for showing a house :-)
3. Stock up my fridge with yummyness (trying to clean out fridge by eating what's in there so we don't waste anything with the's getting interesting these days). Sad that i'm going to miss the famers market so much and i can't even really go one last time because of moving. :-(
4. Make these projects for LD: planet mobile, clown puppet, chef set (apron, hat and mitt).
5. Get out those powertools and fix new house (yet to be found but will definately require work from what we've seen so far.) I'm ready for my hands to do some good ole fashioned hard work.

It's hard when you are trying to sell a house because you have to keep it clean at all times (hard to do with a toddler). It gets a little boring (okay, a lot boring). I can't start any projects because i need to keep it neat. I can't read because LD won't let me and I can't focus to read because I'm stressed out. So...we sit and play and stare at each other wanting one another to amuse the other.


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