Friday, April 06, 2007


My husband is coming home from his last business trip this afternoon (his new job doesn't require travel...whoo hoooooo). He's been gone more than he's been home these last few years so it'll be nice for him to stick around.

He's coming home to a new house. I've worked so hard these last few days. The entire to-do list is practically done. I just have to move Little Dude's toys downstairs and move the furniture a bit so the carpet guy can clean them tomorrow. Yeah, my new name is superwoman. The real estate agent can't believe I got it all done with a toddler at home. It wasn't easy. For each thing I'd clean and organize, LD would undo something else. When I had him help me garden, he came in the house thinking soil was something to play with and promptly repotted every plant in this house. It was so hard to break that habit the first time. Now I'm going through it again. It's so annoying because he drags the dirt everywhere. Oh, and I even did two scrapbook pages!

I've also fallen in love with a house. I've only seen it on the net though so I'm trying not to fall too in love but i really really really like it. The real estate agent says it's on a busy street though so we'll see. It's perfect and has a lovely kitchen with one and a half walls of it being solid window. How enjoyable. Right now in my kitchen, I have the lake so it'd be nice to have a good view again.

Okay, off to finish up! I want to have a fun weekend.


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