Friday, March 30, 2007

Big step for mama, little step for LD

Or maybe it'll be hard on him too - we'll see. Since our house is going on the market this weekend and we have to move in one month, mama needs some time to:

1) run errands that i've wanted to do for over a year (trade in books, sell cd's, and many many more things)

2) get the house perfectly clean and some things packed for showings

3) find a new house and do research on areas there

4) pictures printed and organized

5) get in 7 more geocaches (lol) so i can break that 200 mark (i can do that in 1 focused hour i think)

6) return the pair of pants we ordered for LD's birthday (yeah, i think it's too late for this one but we'll see)

6) breathe...need i say more....

sooooooo, i finally did it. I called the school/church for toddlers and have him enrolled for two mornings a week just for the month of april. That's a whopping 8 hours a week of free time! People! This is huge. That may not sound like much to you (unless you have a really really boring job lol) but that's huge because as a mother it takes you a lot longer to do things than it used to. Running errands ends up being running one errand only to return home exhausted.

I'm scared to leave him but it's really needed. I said that six months ago and it's even truer today. Funny tidbit of the day...LD is now calling me Daddy. I used to be momma but that's also his word for nursing and since i'm weaning him i've been saying "no momma now" so he quit calling me momma lol. It's funny that he's calling me daddy though. It'll pass i'm sure and i'll go back to being momma. I hope!


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