Monday, March 19, 2007

Cell phone recycling and donation

Cell Phone Recycling

Cell phones that are too old to be refurbished or reused should go to a recycling center to keep poisonous mercury, lead and other dangerous toxins from harming the environment. Batteries, plastics, and other components will be disposed of according to EPA guidelines.
Stores such as Radio Shack, Best Buy, Office Depot and Staples offer mobile phone recycling centers, where you can simply toss your unwanted mobile phone into their in-store "recycling bin."

Exchanging your old cell phone when you upgrade is the easiest way to recycle, but if you have a mobile phone or two in a drawer at home, Call 2 Recycle can give you the location of your nearest cell phone recycling center.


Cell Phone Donation

Using a padded envelope, you can mail your unwanted cell phone to The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, which collects and distributes working cell phones to victims of domestic violence so that they may call 911 for help in emergencies.
Phones For Life gives seniors a lifeline by providing them with a 911-capable working mobile phone, enabling them to call for emergency help should they suffer an accident or emergency. Their drop-off locations are in a number of states, or you can donate your mobile phone by mail.
Donate A Phone and Call to Collect have partnered to accept cell phones at convenient locations throughout your state; refurbishing and distributing the cell phones to domestic violence shelters in need.
More information about cell phone recycling and donation is available from The Recycling Alliance, Charitable Recycling, Collective Good and Wireless Recycling.

*** I know the Whole Foods here accepts them...yours might too.


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