Thursday, March 29, 2007


tangent: off on or at a tangent, digressing suddenly from one course of action or thought and turning to another.

I might be obsessive compulsive. I get hooked on something and then stick to it but i ironically also always have about 5 different projects going on at once. Case in point. In an effort to reduce what we move to NJ i've been cleaning and organizing etc. Well, i'm about 6 months behind with magazine reading so the last two nights while LD slept and husband was in Puerto Rico i've been skimming them...that's about 20 issues or so. Through this reading i've come up with some conclusions:

1. I believe that Israel is going to attack Iran in the next month. Some may call this a conspiracy theory but i'd put some money down on it. I imagine it'll play out just like in Lebanon (which the US has proven to have had a hand in) with Bush saying "well um, (scratches his wrinkly forehead) we're talking with so and so and trying to find a resolution" - meanwhile bombs drop. It won't last long because Iran is tough and they will be able to protect themselves so it won't turn into a war because Israel isn't dumb enough to go on the ground and fight there. (this is where my head imagines what else might happen:)Iran might strike back and then the US will "have" to get involved. Bush will get impeached, Cheney will be the ugly face i have to wake up to every day with his head hung over, his evil heart speading the same hate as Bush.

2. The world is pretty jacked up right now. So many people are so misguided. It's very sad to me to see people with such strong faith in the wrong things.

Okay, so that's one thing i've been doing.

tangent #2: The other things i have going on over here is scrapbooking and eid cards. A friend here got me into scrapbooking although i'm limiting it to: (1) each child will have two books, 1 for the first two years and then another which i will start and they will finish (2) my wedding and honeymoon, and (3) my trip to Europe in which i backpacked for 3 1/2 months...i never look at those pictures and there's too many so a scrapbook will be perfect. I kept a journal over there so it'll be nice to put all this stuff in one place and look at every so often because i never look at it now. That trip changed my life. I was engaged and that ended, i lost my religion there and found a new one, and in general just woke up and did a lot of changing in the years after.

tangent #3: Because of the scrapbooking, i've been forced to go through my digital photos. I'm pretty happy with the progress...i've done 6 months of pictures...LD's first six months of life. Boy that'll make you want another baby. :-)

tangent #4: Eid cards came from scrapbooking. I want to send out eid cards next year and i imagine others do too so i'm in the process of making a bunch to send and to sell. This spawned a new idea to me...islamic arts and crafts for the modern muslim. I have a ton of ideas and will share when i get things rolling - probably after the move. I'm hoping other muslim/ahs will join me with the crafting.

tangent #5: We head to NJ soon to start looking for a house. Good news about all this is that my husband won't be travelling like he has been - since we've been married he's been away 3/4 of the time - so this will be a nice change. His last trip is this week in PR and next week and then no more. The only thing is the only chance i get to do my work (freelance writing, crafting, etc) is when he is gone because i'll really crank the midnight oil while he's gone. I don't know where i'll fit work in now.

Hmmmm, what other tangents do i have?

tangent #6: Oh, Atlanta is yellow right now. There are two or so weeks every spring here where a layer of yellow dust covers the city. Our lake looks like a toxic dump and everything is glowing yellow - it's pretty freaky...but the result of pollen. It'll rain one of these days and wash it all away but that's a very surreal day too because the streets will be running with yellow water. Really freaky looking. I'll post a picture tomorrow.

Okay, off to new tangents. :-)

oop, i got one more...

tangent #7: We are trying to shove all our tourism/sightseeing/backpacking plans that we had for the next few years into a few weekends so our weekends have been jampacked. We are utilizing every weekend very effectively. Today is the aquarium and i'm hoping to do a CNN tour sometime soon during the week too.


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