Monday, March 19, 2007

Getting rid of paint...

I've posted this before but wanted to put it out there again as i needed the information again and remember what i went through to find this info out the first time...

To dispose of paint (you cannot throw it away - it is toxic and poisonous to the environment...i'm not saying this because i am a treehugger although i am, but it's actually illegal to throw it away)...

To get rid of it via the trash....
1. Buy from a auto part store a product called "oil dry" - it looks like kitty litter.
2. Mix that into the various cans of paint and leave it alone until it turns to solid form and dries out (leave the lid off).
3. It should turn clay like - now you can toss it out.

Having it disposed of professionally costs a couple hundred dollars and many cities sadly don't offer the service.

PS. If you have full cans - Habitat for Humanity will accept donations. Also, for other items you may need to dispose of has some tips.


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