Tuesday, March 27, 2007

nothing sadder...

There's nothing sadder than watching your son try to become friends with an innocent looking three year old girl only to watch her throw a handful of bark on him and tell him to leave her alone. He takes that as a cue that she wants to fill the truck she is playing up with bark and he desperately wants to help her so fills his hands with bark, walks over, and tries to dump it in but she throws another handful of bark at him and says "leave me alone." He gets another handful and tries to throw it in the dumptruck since she won't let him near it and it lands all over her pretty little dress. I was a little happy but made him apologize anyway.

Poor kid tried to make friends with the big kids at the playground today but they wanted nothing to do with him. And when it was snacktime, the older kids took his crackers and left him with none. So sad. He's so friendly and loving and to see his feelings hurt, standing there crying, not understanding why the older kids were mean to him broke my heart today. This is a new playgroup with most kids older than him. He's used to being the cool kid and the oldest.

On the flipside, the little kids adored him, he had a blast on the slide and on the plastic castle, and had fun with the sweet older boy who let him follow him around and even waited for him when he fell behind.


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