Monday, April 02, 2007

No fair!

Why is every time there is work to be done around this house, my husband is gone.

The list of chores our realtor gave us (that will all be done by me):

- make house appear toddler free (moms, you know how impossible this sounds right?)
- move LD's toys to basement and make play area down there for him which means i must clear out the entire basement and organize it because it's been a dumping zone since we moved in. It's a huge area so it's easy to just forget about stuff down there. The only thing we use down there is the treadmill.
- cut ivy off trees so it dies (the ivy, not the tree)
- get pine straw and spread
- plant summer flowers instead of spring ones
- trim tree in front yard
- spray down deck and windows to get the yellow dust from the pollen off
- remove more personal items like pictures and religious books off living room shelving and redecorate to make it look like a model house (basically clear of clutter and personality)
- hang pictures in office
- remove second layer off bookshelves so there's only one layer of books per shelf
- steam clean carpet (!!! with a toddler???)
- remove everything but a few things off counters and magnets off fridge
- remove gates that are difficult to open and make the fireplace open again (i have a big gate blocking it off (how am i gonna keep this house clean for showings and keep LD occupied and always neat???)
- clean closets and cabinets
- i forget the rest...i've been working on this stuff since yesterday at 4:00.

And this isn't even MY to do list which is already very long. I can't get LD out of the house either because it's spring break for the toddler programs.

Funny thing is my friends are always saying how neat my house is - now i feel like were slobs. The good news is she wants to sell our house for more than we planned on. It should be worth it but i'm keeping the extra money made lol. Hobby Lobby here i come!

Poor me and poor LD. We just aren't happy right now. Oh, and this all needs to be done, like yesterday.


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