Thursday, May 31, 2007

Six favorite toddler books

I was sort of tagged by Adventures of Motherhood for this meme. My six favorite toddler books. Rules are at the end.

It's a hard list to make but I'm going to go with the ones that are read and reread repeatedly because either the reader or the read to enjoy them.

1. The Red Lemon by Bob Staake- i love the pictures and get lost in them and he likes to point to all the things he knows. Plus I love lemons and so does he.

2. Lost and Found by Oliver Jeffers - I'm a big fan of Jeffers after this one and the next one. His stories are touching and drawings amazing.

3. How to Catch a Star by Oliver Jeffers

anything 4. Sandra Boynton - this was more when he was a baby but we still like them ...

5. Goodnight Gorilla - This is a very clever book. There's all kinds of hidden things in there and Little Dude is the one that brought it to our attention, not the other way around. For instance, on each page that shows the outdoors, there is a balloon in the sky either big or small but it's there, even if it's out the window. I still can't believe he noticed it first. Amazing. This is a must read every single night and it never gets boring.

6. Now is the toughie, trying to decide between:

6a. Peanut Butter And Jellyfishes: A Very Silly Alphabet Book

6b. Peace Book

6c. Chicka Chicka Boom Boom (the long version, not the boardbook version)
oh oh oh, or 6d. Eric Carle ones... many books....sigh. No wonder we have to read him 10 books a day. My love of reading is wearing off on him.

You should be the regular reader-of-bedtime-stories to a small child. Or children.

You are invited to choose the six stories that give you as much pleasure as the lucky recipient of your readings.

You are further invited to list them and give some indication as to why. With or without italics.

Tag a bunch more people and (if you have time) let know your list please! I’m always looking for something new to read to him. Well, to us.

Tagging… all my readers with small kids! :) Let me know if you do it!


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