Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Perfect day...low stress.

Woke up, quickly ate and cleaned house so people could come see it at 9:30. Took the LD to a library different from the one we normally go to. Did a geocache there and then went to the playground next door. Then we had an hour to kill before a music concert started in a historical square here so we did another geocache. Headed back to the square, got coffee for me and a smoothie for him, went and got a perfect spot under a tree to watch the concert.

LD ran around with all the crazy kids there and found the only group of Muslim kids. How cute is that. Him and hijabi's dancing around to hand drums. Too cute. Abdul, a little boy there, was very kind to him even though he was so much older.

After that, we headed home. LD slept and then I gave him a snack and we headed out again right after. Drove to midtown, "our" (he was in my belly) old stomping grounds. Went to the library and everyone was talking to us. It was that kind of day. Where you feel good so other people feel good which leads to more people feeling good. Good energy day. Bought 6 used books for $3, read him a few books and let him play with the girls he was following around. Got stuck in traffic but then my mil calls and does the "aw choo choo bet" song with him and we arrive at the haircutting place and i see my little hippie boy go from wild man to little gentleman, again. It'll last a couple weeks.

Then as a reward for not crying (he always cries because his first haircut was tramatic) I took him to the big park here after being stuck in traffic again but we had hand rhymes to keep us busy. We played on the playground and then he met a cool older kid that he wanted to copy. I told him "You'll be big one day like him too, but you're only 1 right now, he's probably 7" and then the little boy liked that i knew his age and started playing with LD. He was climbing up the slide from the long end and LD was just dying to do it too so i held his hands and let him. The sense of pride on his face priceless. We leave, waving bye to every dog and person on the way out. We drive home, get fast food (a treat) on the way.

Get home, and before even getting inside, he pulls the Tonka truck out and we play for a while with that. Then it's bath time (another treat...shamefully, we don't bathe him every night like most people seem to) and books (he likes to read 6 each night and morning). He grabs his lovey and rolls off to sleep. The boy had a good day and I did too. It's exhausting to do so much in a day when we normally don't do much at all but it was really nice and he was such a good boy all day. I think I need to do it more often.


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