Friday, June 01, 2007

Eating and living well

Masooma asked me to post how to eat well for less. I read an article saying that poor people weigh more because they have to buy junky food the same day I had a simmilar discussion with my husband. I completely disagree with the article by the way. To me it's interesting that in one of the richest countries (and even the poor here are rich compared to the poor in many other countries) that the poorest people here are the fattest. Isn't that ironic? In other countries, the poor are usually thin and bony. What's the deal? I believe it to be that Americans in general don't eat whole foods, most eat fast food, restaurant food, and when they do eat at home they eat boxed or processed foods. I can count on one hand how many friends i have here cook homecooked meals even half the week. These processed and boxed foods are not healthy, are full of sodium, perservatives and other bad things. The secret to eating well and SPENDING LESS is to eat whole foods. Masooma asked how it was that I could feed a family of three on less than $200 a month. I'm going to break it down over several posts and I'm going to give additional tips on how to save money, spend less, eat fresh and also waste less. I'm hoping it'll help some others out.


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