Thursday, June 07, 2007

Nice surprise

I bought a used book the other day for 50 cents. I already have a copy but it's an excellent book so I got it to pass along or sell. I looked on amazon and ebay about the book and whoa, the hardcover edition was selling for hundreds of dollars, in mint condition, first edition it goes for thousands. Shocked, i looked at what the paperback copies were bringing in and it varied greatly. I couldn't decipher what the difference was but I listed it on Ebay and with only two days of bidding it's already at $20. It has 5 days left and I'm really curious where it's going to end up. This is another reason thrifting can be so fun - finding a diamond in a haystack. I'll keep you posted on what the final amount is. I may just list the other copy I have lol. My new career is looking for this book in all forms.


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