Saturday, June 16, 2007

How i do it...

People are always asking me how i do so much stuff with a toddler around. Here's how:

* I never take naps, not even when LD was a baby, i take advantage of that time to do things for me. I never ever (will lately i do and occassionally i will) do housework or stuff like that when LD naps. That is MY time and HIS time. I pray, read, craft. I'll do a few odds and ends things for the house but most days it's for me and i get quite crabby when I don't get it.

* I stay up late. I've always been a night owl and i rarely go to bed before 11 - if that early.

* So how do i get housework done? I have LD help me. His chest gets all puffed up when he helps me. It takes twice as long and sometimes creates twice the mess but he likes to do things with me like that. When i cook, he is always on my hip or on the counter next to me. When i clean i let him spray the the bottle (i use natural homemade cleaners now that are safe instead of those toxic ones from the store).

* I don't chat on the phone a lot. This is probably why i only have a few close friends.

* The biggest contributing factor is that my husband was out of town most weeks so that left my nights free after LD went to bed. With his new job he doesn't travel at all so i probably won't have as much crafting time. Same as when a new baby comes.

But that's how i do it. I find for my family to be happy, momma needs to be happy. Having useful creative hands is what makes me happy. How do you other moms find time for yourself?


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