Monday, November 27, 2006

the week in review

Dad came, saw and conquered. Just kidding. He did come though and it was nice to see him. I was so surprised to see that the scars from the fire are hardly visible at all. Unbelievable!

Here's some tidbits since the last time i blogged...

- Bad stuff first. People who taunt me with pork are annoying and i don't know why they do it. I really hate it when they do it when i'm paying the tab (well, my husband is paying but you get the point).

- Thanksgiving was good. Family, some friends and good food. Zack brought some delicious desserts. Unbelievably good.

- We took them (dad and step mom) to Savannah the day after Thanksgiving. I came home with Chocolate covered sunflower seeds and River Street Pralines. I also think i came home with a chigger or two from the Spanish Moss that we walked through in Bonaventure Cemetery made famous in the book and movie Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil.

- While in Savannah, we were driving down one of those little side streets all of a sudden cars stopped, people jumped out with cameras and were chasing a car down the street. More people were running alongside the street with cameras. We had to stop the car because of the swarm of people in front of us. It looked like papparazi and we wondered who it was when out of a limo stepped a short haired gray haired woman who we could only see the back of and a man who looked like santa klaus. Then you heard the "well hello ya'll" - it was none other than Paula Deen. It was hilarious. We thought it was a celebrity, not a chef.

- I finished crocheting a cool scarf with pockets for myself. I'm still working on a baby blanket that has taken over 20 hours so far so to keep my morale high, i've been working on some side projects. This blanket i'm working on is just beautiful. It's like a garden of roses but using only one color yarn...gorgeous. I've uploaded the projects i've done so far and you can see them in my flickr album.

- I also placed two new geocaches since two old ones i placed got muggled.

That's about it. Hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving.

Yin yang egg

yin yang egg
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I was making Little Dude a broken egg for breakfast and look what it turned into it....yin and yang. :-) Made me smile for the morning.

Monday, November 20, 2006

Happy Anniversary!

Happy Anniversary dear husband. :-) Ready to get rid of me yet?


Been sick...been crocheting...been getting ready for my dad's visit. Been needing to read two books that i'm reviewing, been needing to write two articles i'm supposed to be writing...

Isn't "been" such a strange word? I need to look up the etymology of it...

Thursday, November 16, 2006

New Monopoly

The new Monopoly Here and Now is out and Atlanta made it onto the board twice. Centennial Olympic Park and Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport. Pretty impressive since the only other cities that have two spaces are NYC, LA, and Chicago. You can play the demo by clicking the link above. It does look pretty cool...although i'm not much of a fan of Monopoly as was mentioned here.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Rainy day fun

Rainy day fun
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I made this sock puppet for Little Dude using this website. Fun! He's loving on it already, dragging it around the house after tearing it off my hand. :-)

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Homeland security

My husband is getting driven crazy by homeland security right now...more so than usual ;-). He needs one of his employees or contract consultants...i don't know which, in Puerto Rico right now and the guy can't get through INS because his offer letter wasn't accepted by the agent since his paperwork has the title as one thing and in the letter it's another (very minor difference though). The guy is a Canadian (white/non-Muslim).

It's so ironic though because my husband is on the "persons of interest" list because he crossed the border in Mexico one too many times in a day (he used to have to travel to Mexico often but would stay in AZ and cross over daily, or more, if they went out to eat over the border) and they put him on the persons of interest list. He no longer goes to Mexico. Anyway, so now they need my husband, a person of interest, to write a letter to get this guy approval. They need a person on the persons of interest list to vouge for this other guy. How ironic is that?

LOL! This is what happens when you get addicted to knitting/crocheting

These ladies are hardcore lol. That's a lotta money! The video made me laugh though when he said "the "hardest hit shops."

Here's a very sad update to the story...

I've been searching for yarn stores here. Can you tell?

Monday, November 13, 2006

Isn't it just beautiful?

Friday, November 10, 2006


Made (freehand):
House slippers for the little dude. Too cute!
Scarf for the little dude. Also, too cute! (he makes everything cute lol)

Works in progress:
Hooded scarf for one of little dude's friends.
Hooded baby blanket for a friend.
Poncho for the little dude (his won't have this long of fringe and one for a friend of his
A kufi for LD

Well, Sister Scorpion sent me a kazillion links with a kazillion things to make and well i plan to make every single last one of them lol. No but really, she's the queen of linkage for sure - Thanks Leila! Next is a hooded scarf for me, a scarf for dh (just the scarf), a purse/bag for me. I also want to make a a poncho that doubles as hiding a nursing baby, and i might have to make this beret for LD too - SO much to make, so little time. I've been staying up way too late lately and getting crosseyed while stitching. I won't realize how long i've sat there staring at the little holes and then getting up and feeling like i'm in a twilight zone.

These are definately being made soon. There's tons of toy-like stuff like a a stuffed pillsbury doughboy, this and this and this i want to make too but need more experience in my knuckles. Speaking of which, when my dad is here - he's coming (!) for thanksgiving. He'll finally meet the little dude. I'm going to drag him Lowe's for some wood and teach me some woodmaking. I want to make a play/storage area for LD. I want to combine this and this and make the tent area a tent/puppet stage thing and the bottom bucket area buckets instead of lidded buckets (to make it easier for him to put stuff in) and of course instead of saying Tyler, it will say "Little Dude - the coolest kid in the world" :-). I can't imagine it being too hard so insh'Allah it'll happen. I don't like much what is out there and the stuff i do has pointed edges or is a kazillion dollars.

There's so much i want to make now and am getting excited. I wasn't too thrilled with the patterns i found in library books but now with all these links, i have a bazillion ideas and i've only gone through a third of the links! I never take the time to link things anymore but figure i'd share the linky love i got yesterday.

Can someone explain this to me?

Why on Earth does this watch - - cost $46,900?

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Eid scenic drive

Eid scenic drive
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Fall colors. We spent eid with my mom driving through the mountains. Her and the little dude in the backseat chatting away, me and dh in the front soaking up the colors. Spent the entire day out. A very simplistic day. Lunch, nature, hot chocolate, family and God's beautiful artistry...a perfect way to spend Eid.

Eid scenic drive
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Gorgeous fall colors...

Eid scenic drive
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Idyllic ain't it?

Eid scenic drive
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The water that was a waterfall frozen (top of the mountain).

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Generation Islam

this is a great group to be a part of....i know many of the people involved...i do recommend it! Do pass the word around.
Are you a second-generation American Muslim? A convert to Islam? Do you want to change the face of Islam in America to truly reflect the whole picture? Do you want to meet others who can relate to being American AND Muslim? If so, generation Islam is the group for you!

By coming together WE (inshallah) ensure the future of Islam in America! It’s not generation x its generation I!!! Generation Islam is all about action. Our online group is a stepping stone for this journey. WE can make it happen. Sound like something you want to be a part of? Generation Islam ---paving the way for the future of Islam in America. To join visit us at:

Founding Parent: Dr. Jeffrey Lang, author of “Losing My Religion”
For more information email: or

Thursday, November 02, 2006


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A little late and a bad picture but here's our pumpkins from Oct 31. :-)

Guess whose is whose? (is that correct grammar)

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

How did that happen???

I just looked over my last few posts and realized, I'VE BECOME A FREAKING SUZIE HOMEMAKER. How did this happen? What happened to that girl who wore her black doc's, ripped jeans, bulky sweaters, knit caps and who used to sit in cool coffee houses for hours on end talking about politics and how we were gonna change the world and never sell out. Who would write poetry late into the night drinking coffee and smoking cigarettes. Who went to art house plays and other artsy things. I haven't done any of these things in over 3 years. Now i bake apple pies from scratch and crochet blankets and other useful things. Sigh. How did i get here? Now i'm not saying i don't like this life as's just well sooooo...what's the word?

Crochet for charity

Michaels is hosting a "keep america warm" and "blankets for Canada" program. Basically they ask for crocheters to crochet 7 x 9 squares that they'll use to make afghans. Last year they made 16,523 blankets. Pretty cool program... Here's more info: