Friday, November 10, 2006


Made (freehand):
House slippers for the little dude. Too cute!
Scarf for the little dude. Also, too cute! (he makes everything cute lol)

Works in progress:
Hooded scarf for one of little dude's friends.
Hooded baby blanket for a friend.
Poncho for the little dude (his won't have this long of fringe and one for a friend of his
A kufi for LD

Well, Sister Scorpion sent me a kazillion links with a kazillion things to make and well i plan to make every single last one of them lol. No but really, she's the queen of linkage for sure - Thanks Leila! Next is a hooded scarf for me, a scarf for dh (just the scarf), a purse/bag for me. I also want to make a a poncho that doubles as hiding a nursing baby, and i might have to make this beret for LD too - SO much to make, so little time. I've been staying up way too late lately and getting crosseyed while stitching. I won't realize how long i've sat there staring at the little holes and then getting up and feeling like i'm in a twilight zone.

These are definately being made soon. There's tons of toy-like stuff like a a stuffed pillsbury doughboy, this and this and this i want to make too but need more experience in my knuckles. Speaking of which, when my dad is here - he's coming (!) for thanksgiving. He'll finally meet the little dude. I'm going to drag him Lowe's for some wood and teach me some woodmaking. I want to make a play/storage area for LD. I want to combine this and this and make the tent area a tent/puppet stage thing and the bottom bucket area buckets instead of lidded buckets (to make it easier for him to put stuff in) and of course instead of saying Tyler, it will say "Little Dude - the coolest kid in the world" :-). I can't imagine it being too hard so insh'Allah it'll happen. I don't like much what is out there and the stuff i do has pointed edges or is a kazillion dollars.

There's so much i want to make now and am getting excited. I wasn't too thrilled with the patterns i found in library books but now with all these links, i have a bazillion ideas and i've only gone through a third of the links! I never take the time to link things anymore but figure i'd share the linky love i got yesterday.


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