Tuesday, March 28, 2006

So cool!

This is so cool. Dh just called and said he just saw a book i reviewed and i was requoted on the flapjacket. I think it's awesome when my quotes end up on the back of a book. Call it ego or whatever, but it's still cool. This is the fourth time i think. It's not my name but the paper i wrote the review for. :-)

Monday, March 27, 2006


I finally finished that stupid book review i was struggling with. I looked at it every day and thought about doing it but was stuck for words. I seriously couldn't come up with 700 words about a book that i have no complaint against. I don't think it's just because i need a bad or mediocre book to get the ability to write. I think it's because writing about something that is good gets kind of boring. I should just be able to say: you'll love this book, go and buy it. Nuff said.

Those who have heard me talk about my bad bad bad tendency to procrastinate to distraction....today is another example. My deadline is/was today so i got it done all right. It only took a few focused hours and much cooperation from Little Dude. Since he kept both of us up last night with his babbling, he was as tired as i was and wasn't in the mood to battle for attention. And since i gave up coffee a few weeks ago, i couldn't even rely on stimulants. It all rested on me and Little Dude working together.

I'm digressing. Never mind all that. Point is, push came to shove and i got the piece done. But the bigger point is, i suck at time management. I wasted so many good hours procrastinating this review and avoiding it and in the end it only took a few sleep deprived focused hours to get it done. The next two books i am to review are now sitting there staring at me intimidating me. They're saying "You'll procrastinate again. You'll read me but you will stall and stall writing the review and waste more time until the deadline approaches and you must write it. You silly little person."

Thoughts and distractions that ran through my head today tempting me away from the task at hand:

*Hmmm, we really need to get our taxes done*

*My little dude is getting all grown up too fast, he's so smart now and that's so crazy how he climbs up me to kiss me. I should just quit writing and focus on him 100%. Mommy wants to play with you Little Dude. Let's play. Forget that stupid review.*

*What was the name of that book i wanted to order? I better go online and see...long two hour distraction because going online means looking at blogs, checking mail, etc.*

*Carcinogens suck. I really need to throw the teflon out. I wonder how many carcinogens Little Dude has running through his system because of me. I'm so stupid for boiling his paci's in a teflon pot. I'm a bad mother. I really should eat better and we should be more green. Yeah, that's what i'm gonna do. Maybe we should be vegetarian. I should go online to do some research. No no no, bad wayfarer! Write! and then you can go online. But self, then i'll forget. You don't want me to forget do you. You are just procrastinating Wayfarer. Back to work!*

*Why did i give up coffee though? Oh yeah, may cause heart disease in women. Mom has heart disease. Maybe i'll get it too and coffee will just make it worse. Man what i wouldn't give for a cup of coffee right now. Would one cup hurt? But then maybe i won't be able to sleep tonight because i'm not used to coffee anymore. Then that'll be two sleepless nights. Argh, okay, no coffee.*

*I wish i could get a pedicure. Why o why do they have to have all that bacteria in the drain thingie. Argh. It's just no fair. If i could treat myself to a pedicure for getting this review done, i could get it done fast!*

*Maybe i should just give up my computer and blog and writing too and hang out with little dude and do nothing but look at each other all day and play and i could cook too. But I really do want to write that novel. Yeah, but you never have time cause you do all these little writing gigs. Hmmm, what to do. The quandary's of life.*

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Where are you from?

So, i was at the doctor's office yesterday and my name is very "American" sounding. There's a common french name in it but still, it's very american too. Okay, so there i am at the doctor's office and the doctor asked what my son's name is. I told her and she got this puzzled look on her face. She repeated it exactly correct so that wasn't the problem. She then looked at me (Aisha, you are going to crack up at this!) and said "Where are you from?" I said, you mean before Atlanta? and she said yeah. I said Colorado. I could see she wasn't satisfied with this answer but didn't know what she meant. She then said "I mean, originally, where are you from?" OMG, i almost cracked up laughing but didn't want to offend the poor lady so instead said "What do you mean?" She said, "Where are you originally from?" I said, Oregon. She still looked puzzled. I seriously never thought that would happen to me. I've heard stories from my husband, Aisha, and others but i seriously didn't think it would be a possibility with me. I have no accent, i look like your basic mixed american and my name is American but because my son has a Muslim name i must be from out of this country?!?

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

This is sooooooo for ME!

I wish i had known about the Next Food Network Star Challenge! I mean this contest was made for me! It's a secret little dream of mine to have a cooking show or a restaurant.

House of pain

Ugh, all of us are sick. I was sick with allergies which in turn got dh somehow sick. He in turn got Little Dude sick (cold with a cough)and now Little Dude has gotten me sick again. Ughhhhhhhhhhh. At least me and Little Dude didn't need antibodies. Yet.

Monday, March 20, 2006

That's what friends are for

Ernie: Hey, Bert.

Bert: What is it, Ernie?

Ernie: You know, Bert, I just remembered I didn't put away all my toys. I left a big mess in the other room. Do you think I should get up and clean that stuff up now?

Bert: Ernie, it's time to go to sleep now. You can do that in the morning.

Ernie: It's pretty messy in there, Bert.

Bert: Well, Ernie, you're just a little messy. I've learned that. I'm used to it. Let's go to sleep.

Ernie: You know, Bert, you're a real friend. I'm messy and you don't like it messy, but because I'm your friend you don't mind too much if I'm messy.

Bert: Well, not *too* much, Ernie. Let's just go to sleep.

Ernie: But, but that's what a friend is, Bert. I mean, not minding too much because you like somebody. That's a friend, Bert, a pal! Not minding! That's what friends are for!

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Cool stuff on the net:

1. W Deen Muhammed High School here has a great ladies basketball team, The Caliphs. They just finished this season winning every game but one. Check out this clip about them on ESPN.

2. I wouldn't call this one cool, but rather funny: MC Hammer has a blog

3. Indians's answer to American Idol: Indian Idol

4. This cool blog posting secrets: Post Secret

5. This is by far my new favorite blog. I posted about it on my food blog but will here too cause it's just too cool. I'm not vegan, or even vegetarian, but Jennifer from Vegan Lunchbox makes me want to be one.

I just love the internet.

Good people of the world.

Since i complained yesterday of bad people, now today i'll say that there are some really really nice people out there. Case in point:

Yesterday, the previous owners of our house were in town. We had met them very briefly (they weren't even at the closing). We seriously met them for like 2 seconds one day at the house.

Well, yesterday my neighbor called and asked if i could come over for tea. She's older and i really like them but we don't spend time together so i thought that odd. I go over and the previous owner is there with a gift bag in hand. She bought my son the cutest little sleeper (and the right size) and a little blue easter bunny. I just thought it was the sweetest thing.

We all had a good time talking about books and movies and the world in general. We shared church/mosque stories, the Academy Awards, and i listened as they talked about the pending and wish-for weddings of their kids (i guess i should mention no guys were there so it was that relaxed conversation that only women have when with other women). It was the most pleasant afternoon i've had in a long time. I realize i really miss adult interaction like that.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Pet Peeve People

1. Those people who think breastfeeding is "primitive".
2. Those people that think people that don't feed their children meat are basically abusing their children. I plan on feeding my kid meat but i
3. Those people that look at my son and say "mashAllah, he's so light. That's sooo good." Grrr. This one gets me. My son is very fair and his eyes are a very pretty blue - gray - green color. He basically looks like my husband but with my coloring. But why do they say it like that? Like white is better than dark. It's usually darker skinned people saying it. I just don't get it. I think dark skin is beautiful. Well to be honest, i think all skin is beautiful so there.
4. Those people that cut you off and tailgate you when it's obvious you have a baby in the car.
5. People who when you ask them how much something costs says something like "$23.99 or $2,400 or $219.99." I mean why not round up or down. Oh, wait, this is me. Yes, my DH brought this to my attention last night. We were watching something on Disney cruises and he said "How much do you think one would be?" I said, "2,400" and he said "Where do you come up with these numbers? You always come up with exact numbers." And was laughing at me. It's true. I do. He said "How did you come up with $2,400?" I said, "You asked me and that's how much i think one would be." I turned on the computer and looked it up. You know how much one would be? Yup, $2,399.99, or so. lol.
6. My Dad. I told him to rest and take it easy right now. When i couldn't reach yesterday or today i tried his shop just in case. Yes, he was at work! He said he couldn't do much but was doing what he could. I asked where he was yesterday. He said, "Well we finally got other firefighters from the surrounding areas here. They came to help and we wanted to make sure they were taken care of, had food, etc. He also helped directing traffic and everything. I said "you really shouldn't be out there doing that." You know what he said? "Only one arm is in a sling. The other one's okay and you only need one to direct traffic." The guy thinks he can save the world. But the man needs to rest!

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

So frustrated...

I can't get a book review done that i need to turn in next week. It's the first book i only have good things to say about it so i can't come up with 700 words. It's so hard to write a good book review. Maybe that's why there are so many mean ones out there. Ugh! I can't get this one done. Grrrrrr.

born into brothels

born into brothels
Originally uploaded by wayfarer.

This is an excellent documentary. I wouldn't call it "uplifting" as one of the reviewers did. I found it intensely sad.

Food blog

I updated my food blog and will over the week add some more pictures and recipes.


Thanks for the duas for my dad. He's doing a bit better. He's home from the hospital with burn cream all over. He says he looks like a monster but i doubt it. My dad was always a goodlooking guy. My friends in high school all had crushes on him. Some (many, including me) say he looks like Saddam Hussain. But my dad is good looking while Saddam is not. They do look like they could be brothers though. Perhaps i'll post a picture.

He's still coughing up nasty stuff, burned real bad obviously, and running a fever. The laceration on his liver should heal on it's own.

Thanks for your thoughts and continued duas...

Monday, March 13, 2006

Duas needed

These fires in Texas are right where my Dad and stepsiblings live. Last night houses, cows, and everything around were on fire. My stepbrother (an EMT and firefighter) said the cows were on fire and it was the craziest thing he's ever seen. My Dad last night ended up at the hospital after catching on fire. He is a volunteer firefighter in a small town there. My dad is the type of person to help anyone and he will risk his life to do it. I've seen him do random acts of kindness my whole life. Last night he went with a group to combat the blazes and stop friends and neighbors houses from catching fire. The wind changed and sent a huge flame over the firetruck and swirled around him burning him all over. He's got third degree burns all over his face, neck, chest, back and arm. The flames burned right through the protective gear and went up under his helmet. Please do duas for him. He struggles with a small business down there since the drought has really wrecked havoc on so many and will probably lose his business and everything he's worked his whole life for - including his house - because his line of work is of a physical nature. He also doesn't have insurance. Please do duas.

Friday, March 10, 2006

mumbo jumbo

Aisha was right about this book - it's awesome. I don't fly through books very often but this one i stayed up late reading the last two nights to finish it. Just awesome.

Loved this post from Chapati Mystery. Me and DH were laughing the other night about Bush playing cricket.

What else? Not much. Took Little Dude to get a passport photo today. That was interesting as they expect you to stand for a picture and mom can't me in it. Interesting indeed but we got it. He'll have his passport in about six weeks. Crazy that he even needs one.

I'm finally starting to feel better and the Little Dude's nose is finally clear too. He's going to be six months in a few days. Crazy crazy crazy. MashAllah.

Have a good weekend ya'll. It's springtime here. Supposed to be 81 degrees on Sunday. Flowers are already out in bloom. Our trees have already bloomed and flowers too. I need to get the garden planted. I feel like I'm late. I'm going to work on an Islamic herb garden and get a few other container plants going. I wish i could do a big garden but just can't with the backyard we have (a slope down to a lake). Hopefully the bugs won't get my plants this year but i won't count on it.

Spring is in the air which i'm sure is why i've had the head cold. I glare at all the white flowered trees as though they are the enemy. They aren't pretty to me anymore, just a nuisance.

I could just blab on and on today like my son does (all day long he says da da da daaaaaaa da da da ddddaaaa hee heee heee DA da DAAAAA da) but i won't. :-)

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

This is why paradise lies under the foot of the mother.

What happened to my sweet little quiet baby? Who is this yelling, demanding, crying, opinionated little person?

Here is the beginning of my day:

4:00am Little Dude demands food. Easy one.

6:00am Little Dude wants more food. Okay fine.

7:45am DH moves Little Dude from my side of the bed to his as he leaves for work. Good, now i have a foot of space instead of six inches.

8:00am LD moves back to my side and leaves me six inches of space again. My head feels like it's going to explode. I drink what must be a gallon of water to make the itching in my throat stop.

8:15am I try to go back to sleep. LD sneezes all over me. I am not the only one suffering from a plugged nose. I hear his nose is plugged again so i get the nasal aspirator. He used to let me do this so easily. Now it's a wrestling match and once again i'm defeated but happy i at least got one of two nostrils cleared. He starts his talking spree - da da da da da da giggle. da da daaaaaaaaaaa da. On and on and on. I laugh but so he can't see. He thrives on the attention.

8:30 LD attempts to get me back by picking my nose. Oh joy.

8:34 I sigh, and grudgingly get up. I put him in his crib for fifteen minutes so i can get ready. I can only put him in his crib since his major mode of transportation these days is rolling across the room. He screams and screams in protest. When i get back to him, he laughs at me cooing "sucker!"

9:00 LD exhausts himself repeating over and over da da da da da da da. (This happens in the middle of the night too.) We have a night talker.

10:00 LD passes out cold after eating. I transfer him to his crib.

10:15 LD begins crying yet again when he realizes i'm not there.

10:16 I bring LD to room i'm in so i can get ready but he screams if i am not right next to him.

10:20 I put LD in his gym to play. He rolls over on his stomach which of course makes him throw up and rubs his face in it. I rush to him, clean him up and pick him up. He cries not wanting to leave the gym. Finally gives up and lets out a big sigh.

10:25 I change his clothes and decide to go ahead and change his diaper too. Bad timing. I have to change now.

10:30 Retrieve LD from "holding camp". He throws up on me. I change again.

What happened to my sweet baby who didn't need me every second? Now if i leave him alone for a second he automatically starts crying. He only wants to be on his stomach now but that makes him throw up. Arggggghhhhhh. And now he has opinions. If i take away something he wants, he cries. I didn't think that would happen until at least a year old.

Monday, March 06, 2006

I can't wait!!!!!

Okay, i've mentioned before how my husband and every other Pakistani i know hates the mangos in the US and talks on and on how great the mangos are in Pakistan. Wellllllll, the best thing to come out of Bush's visit to India is that mangos can now be imported to the US. It won't happen for 17 months but you better believe we will be keeping track of the exact arrival of them. I can't wait to taste one.

On another note. I have been so sick this weekend (from allergies i think). I'm trying every home remedy since i can't take any medication. Please advise me on all home remedies, old wives tales, whatever. I'll try anything.

Friday, March 03, 2006

Wayfarer in the Kitchen

Check out an additional (and new) blog of mine: Wayfarer in the Kitchen

I'll be posting photos and recipes... Right now it's just pictures. Recipes to start coming soon.

Oh, and thanks to Sister Surviving for the idea. She has a food blog too!