Friday, March 10, 2006

mumbo jumbo

Aisha was right about this book - it's awesome. I don't fly through books very often but this one i stayed up late reading the last two nights to finish it. Just awesome.

Loved this post from Chapati Mystery. Me and DH were laughing the other night about Bush playing cricket.

What else? Not much. Took Little Dude to get a passport photo today. That was interesting as they expect you to stand for a picture and mom can't me in it. Interesting indeed but we got it. He'll have his passport in about six weeks. Crazy that he even needs one.

I'm finally starting to feel better and the Little Dude's nose is finally clear too. He's going to be six months in a few days. Crazy crazy crazy. MashAllah.

Have a good weekend ya'll. It's springtime here. Supposed to be 81 degrees on Sunday. Flowers are already out in bloom. Our trees have already bloomed and flowers too. I need to get the garden planted. I feel like I'm late. I'm going to work on an Islamic herb garden and get a few other container plants going. I wish i could do a big garden but just can't with the backyard we have (a slope down to a lake). Hopefully the bugs won't get my plants this year but i won't count on it.

Spring is in the air which i'm sure is why i've had the head cold. I glare at all the white flowered trees as though they are the enemy. They aren't pretty to me anymore, just a nuisance.

I could just blab on and on today like my son does (all day long he says da da da daaaaaaa da da da ddddaaaa hee heee heee DA da DAAAAA da) but i won't. :-)


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