Saturday, February 18, 2006

A quote, a book, and a little blabbing

"Please stop beheading people. It's not good PR. And send me $100,000." Zawahira to Zarqawi in a letter. What a quote! It's right up there with "leave the gun, take the canoli" from The Godfather.

Other news... Osama is now competing with Oprah for book club of the month.

I personally like Osama's choice better than Oprah's. I find Oprah's choices really annoying and saturated with victims and abusers - lighten up every now and then lady. Oh wait, Osama's isn't exactly light. Anyway, what do you think Osama's next choice would be though? The Art of War? I'm betting it wouldn't be Rumi.

Speaking of book reviews. I just wrote one and had to be nice when i really wanted to say, "This book was like trudging through quicksand. It took all the energy i could muster to just get from one page to another. Maybe it took so long to read because i kept flipping to the back to recount how many horrid pages were left to go." But since I am nice, and since she is an award winning author, i was a little nicer than i should have been, but not much.

I hate writing bad reviews, but i hate reading bad books more. And i really wouldn't want to influence other people to read a bad book so i have to be honest. Needless to say, I don't think this review is going to be one that is reprinted on the back of a book like a few of my reviews have been. Thank God the one i'm working on now is a breeze to read and very enjoyable. Maybe I should send Osama a copy.


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