Thursday, February 02, 2006

Meme - yay, i'm doing one!

Since i just asked what a meme was and was (not) tagged by Anthrogal ...

Four Jobs I’ve Had in My Life

1) The person who answered a 24 hour customer service line. I worked the graveyard shift and had to answer the phone in French and say "Sorry, i don't speak French, please call back at 8 am. in French. What a strange job was that? We only got like 1 or 2 calls a night each (3 diff people doing diff languages). We spent most of our time watching movies, debating religion, and sleeping under our desks.
2) Loan Associate
3) Financial Services
4) Freelance writer

Four Movies I Could Watch Over and Over, and Have

1) any Meg Ryan movie (Sleepless in Seattle, You've Got Mail, When Harry Met Sally, etc)
2) Legally Blonde 1 & 2 (don't laugh, but they crack me up!) I love law movies and writer movies so i should put The Paper Chase in there too.
3) Good Will Hunting
4) My Big Fat Greek Wedding

and four more (i can't help myself)

5) BBC's Pride and Prejudice
6) Little Women
7) Amelie
8) Tortilla Soup (i lurve this movie!)

Four Places I Have Lived

1) Oregon
2) Colorado
3) Georgia
4) in a school bus (yes really, for a year and a half)

Four TV Shows I Love To Watch

1) Iron Chef
2) Gilmore Girls
3) Beauty and the Geek
4) American Idol (who doesn't like seeing kids get their dream realized?)

Four Places I Have Been On Vacation

1) Spain
2) Europe (4 month backpacking trip)
3) Florida
4) Puerto Rico

Four Websites I Visit Daily

1) Multilingual Quran and DILP in general
2) 1/4 of blogroll per day
3) Right now... sites with muharram lectures since i can't get out every night with Little Dude to the mosque
4) Email, Investopedia, Flylady, etc

Four Favorite Foods

1) BBQ ribs
2) Pakistani food...all of it but probably briyani or dalcha
3) Salmon my hubby makes
4) Iranian buffet

Four Places I Would Rather Be Right Now

1) Napping with my son in his swing...he looks so peaceful swinging while sleeping
2) Colorado
3) Paris
4) the Alps (the Swiss ones)

Four People Whom I Tag Next

1) Arafat
2) Zack
3) Baji
4) and the other Baji


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