Tuesday, January 24, 2006

How time flies

Nephew (16 months-ish)
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Okay, here is my nephew at around 16 months. He's walking and talking! I remember when i last saw him. I was about 5 months pregnant (i didn't tell you guys that though at the time...husband and i decided to keep it a secret to avoid evil eye (just in case) and all). Anyway, my Little Dude is about the age my nephew was when i last saw him. Time flies!

*** I know...i post a picture of him but never of my son. It's a family rule (husband, me, and Little Dude) to not post our pictures online. Don't really know why - we just don't wanna. But since my brother doesn't mind, i can post his kids.

Speaking of which. Aisha commented about whether i am an anonymous blogger or not. I guess I'm half and half. It's no secret who i am...like i don't hide or anything but yeah, overall, i don't use my name although i have i guess because people have gotten to my website via my name. I don't know how though cause i don't remember using it. Anyway, it's just a privacy thing. I know that doesn't make sense but we just don't care to post pictures of our nuclear family or personal stuff either. It's a decision hubby and i made long ago both being private people...me less so than he, but now we are one so there you go.


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