Thursday, January 19, 2006

Great blogs!

With all the blog award thingy majingy's going around, I have found some new and very noteworthy blogs that I've added to my blogroll.

Anarcho Muslim and Dr. Maxtor are very interesting. I laughed at Dr. Maxtor's Top ten pro-regressive Moslim idiots of 2005.***

Another amusing read is Saudi Jeans. It's the first Saudi blog i've come across. Probably because most of them are in Arabic. It's an amusing read and he has a great flickr album too.

Brooklyn Quaker and Velveteen Rabbi are fascinating reads from other slices of life. I found Velveteen Rabbi by doing a qur'an search and came across her entry about reading the Qur'an and became fascinated. I officially list her blog as one of my favorites right now.

And finally, Raising Yousuf: A Diary of a Mother Under Occupation is an amazing read. It's interesting to see a first hand account of occupied Palestine and what day to day life is like there. I've read other activist Palestine blogs etc, but hers is highly personal as she is raising her son Yousuf there. It's alarming to see how day to day life there actually is. What else is there to say about it. I find this blog absolutely gripping.

***Update. Dr. Maxtor has been deleted from the blogroll. Changed my mind.


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