Thursday, December 29, 2005

New interests...

I have two new interests: Iceskating and the cooking channel.

I'm hooked on both. I never knew how cool iceskating was and have never really watched it. On Christmas Eve or Christmas - don't remember which, i did, and wow, those people can do some amazingly cool stuff. I can't wait to watch the winter olympics now. Didn't do much for Christmas. Made haleem for about ten hours and was lazy. Perfect.

My other current obsession is the cooking channel - mainly Rachael Ray and Boy Meets Grill. Rachael Ray just rocks. To tell you the truth i think most of her dishes probably end up tasting like a 30-minute meals but she's got some great ideas. I don't believe in many food related shortcuts because it usually ends up tasting like a shortcut. Just my opinion of course but i'm a purist about most things food related. She's seems like this tough girl in a way and so casual about things. I just like watching her. Fun stuff! Boy Meets Grill is so awesome. He's entertaining and has tons of great ideas. Makes me want to get grilling! I think i was supposed to be a chef or something. If only owning and operating a restaurant wasn't such hard work and time consuming i would totally do it. I could open one heck of a halal restaurant. I choose being a mother over long hours so i guess i just get to keep cooking for my hubby and son. I truly do love cooking though and am seriously thinking about putting a recipe book together.


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