Thursday, December 01, 2005

Monopoly sucks!

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Or at least I suck at playing it. My brother and I played it a lot when we were kids and I never (not even once) won. Years later, ten to be precise, Monopoly came up in a conversation and i cringed and said, "Remember how i could never win at that game?" He just snickered. I asked what the snicker was about and he said "You never won because I always cheated."

I told my husband about this and he said "Everyone cheats when they are the banker." Well I was the banker a lot and I never cheated (being the good God-fearing girl that I was). Not once.

Now let me go into more detail about the level of losing I lost at. We would go on and on with one game, sometimes for a month. My brother kept a log of my debt which was often six digits long and once i think even seven. Yes, i was millions in debt but was determined to get back on top. I would borrow money so i could build double hotels on property but I would still lose.

Well, times haven't changed. DH and I were at the store last week and bought a copy of Monopoly and I told him "Maybe now I can win!" I was excited at the prospect of winning my first game of Monopoly. Wrong! Everytime I passed go I had to hand over my measly two hundred dollars to him. Eventually I had to pull out the notebook and start tracking my debt, and once again I was optimistic that I would be able to rise up and conquer him, but it was not so.

I, Wayfarer, am officially the worst Monopoly player ever! DH is now coaching me on how I can do a few things different to win. We'll see. Sadly, I hold a license that allows me to give investment advice for a nominal fee. Ironic? Yes. Anyone want to give me some money to invest?


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