Monday, November 28, 2005


This is the first year i've invited people over for Thanksgiving and cooked all the food from top to bottom. Usually it's been just roommates and I or a group thing or just me and a cornish hen. But i must say, what was i thinking? I had a good time and the food turned out pretty good for running between the kitchen and a bouncy seat or swing to get it all done. And it was great having everyone over but man o man, life is different with kids. It used to be easy to throw a dinner thing but now it's like running a marathon - it takes stamina! We did enjoy having everyone over for dinner and finally got to break in our dining room and new dining room table. And as always, it's great to have friends around for the holidays.

The things i was thankful for this year:

1. Friends and family
2. My wonderful husband (turkey day was a couple days after our one year anniversary)
3. My wonderful son.
4. Allah
5. Being guided to Islam
6. Coffee
7. Epidurals
8. Bouncy Seats/Swings
9. Our first house
10. Good health.
11. Internet (how did mothers do it before the internet????)
12. Fleece
13. So much more...and not all in that order


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