Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Wifely duties

So.......how wonderful is my husband? He's been offering maid service for me but i'm too proud of my role as wife. I feel it's my duty (and i'm very proud of this) to take care of my family, house, cook, clean and have a great looking house and a great looking (and tasting) meal on the table when my husband gets home. I hardly ever cook the same thing twice and am always looking for new recipes and ways of doing things to impress my husband. I love seeing him take two helpings and really enjoy a meal and i even like the extra pounds he's gained since we got married because it means i'm taking good care of him. And trust me, he takes great care of me too. I really got lucky this way. And don't start giving me the evil eye dangit. Just say Mashallah and smile. ;-)

I do feel it's my job and i take pride in the fact that i do all these things well. Well, that was until the little one came along. I can't seem to get anything done these days. So i caved in and i will have someone come in and clean my house for a couple hours once a month, and if it works out well we will increase it to twice a month or every week. Being the perfectionist i am (and how i like everything done my way) i will probably follow them around the first time lol. Okay i won't but i will want to. It does feel good to know the house will be spotless at least once a month.


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