Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Gay parenting

This is something that has bothered me lately. Since having my baby i've run into so many male couples who have adopted babies. Month old ones, day old ones. And usually they are little girls. Now people people start flaming me as a hater, let's just say i'm not. One of my best friends is gay and i don't judge. But when it comes to little girls being sold to male gay couples for money, i get inflamed. I had to explain to my MIL what is going on because we ran into it so many times while she was here. It's crazy to me that people will sell their children in the first place and then to gay men (who can't breastfeed, etc).

It's also sad that gay men want to be parents so badly while straight single people seem to be less inclined to get married and have families. What is going on in this world?

Okay...usually i don't judge but i really don't get this. I watched MTV the other day and so many young people are just into getting it on and often with the same sex just for fun and to be cool. What is up with all this and why are family values just getting thrown to the side?


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