Friday, September 02, 2005

Bushie sets the standard - again.

(a forwarded email)

Here's what George Bush did in the face of the greatest natural disaster of this or the past century:

* Golf - his tee time coincided exactly with the eye of the storm passing through Mississippi, but he went ahead and shot 18 holes.

* A photo op in front of an aircraft carrier making comparisons between himself and FDR and between Iraq and WW II.

* A town hall meeting concerning his proposed changes to Social Security.

In the meantime, hundreds were left to die because the Louisiana National Guard is in Iraq and there were no resources to rescue the folks who were trapped in the aftermath. Sufficient helicopters are still 3 days away along with much other gear now in the Iraqi desert.

What a proud day it must be for the Republican party. Any bets on how long before Pat Robertson gets on the 700 Club and says that Katrina was God's way to eliminate the gays?


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