Monday, August 15, 2005

I'm very Google-able!

My brother told me not too long ago that i was the only family member who can be googled with results. I never really looked into it but i was trying to find some of my writing today and was having problems with a certain website so i decided to google myself to find the articles i was looking for. Wow! (I mean my real name, not any online persona.) What i didn't know is that i have been requoted on some websites by authors...for the book reviews i have done. What i have realized is what my best writing is because the ones that quote me pull out a particularly well written line i've wrote and put it on their website. In fact, reading it today i said to myself "wow, that's a great line...i really wrote it?" Indeed, i had. I got quoted on the backs of two published books too. That's pretty cool i think. My name mentioned there with New York Times Book Review people. Just thought that was cool and i'd boast for a moment. Now back to being humble. :-)


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