Monday, August 22, 2005

Inlaws are coming...

I probably won't be blogging much in the near future. Have a lot going on and my inlaws will soon be here for quite a while. I'll blog sporadically at best. Or maybe i'll just take down the blog. Haven't quite decided yet. I got a weird comment the other day from someone i've never talked to that kinda freaked me out. It's weird when people who don't really know you at all think they know you and can pass judgment or try to psychoanalyze you just so they can put a label on you and put it in some neat little box because they don't understand some choice you've made. This is nothing personal to any regular commenters...just some random weirdo that felt the need to lash out for his obvious lack of intelligence. It's just a little freaky and lately i'm thinking maybe this outlet isn't for me anymore.

Anyhow... Lots to do before they get here. Salaam.


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