Tuesday, August 30, 2005

I want a real mango!

When my inlaws got here we went to the international farmers market and got a bunch of fresh fruit, vegetables and fish and stuff. We got some stuff i've never even heard of before and well now i know how to cook it too. It's been some days of cooking classes as it usually is when i visit my inlaws or they visit us. I always learn a few new dishes that DH likes and i don't know and can't learn elsewhere because most are Hyderabadi dishes and no one knows how to make them. Good eating here lately. I cooked for the first few days but now i'm just the helper which is nice. They really liked my cooking though and said it's as though i've been cooking Pakistani food my whole life. Awww...sweet.

Anyhoooow. I always want mangos when we go grocery shopping and DH doesn't like me to get them because as he says "they aren't good" but to me they are because i've never had the good ones so i just don't know what i'm missing. Part of me never wants to eat a Pakistani mango because then i won't like them here either. Now there are three people in the house telling me about how good mangos and those little bananas are in Pakistan and how terrible they are here. I really wish we could get them here so i can see what the fuss is all about. And since i'll probably never go to Pakistan during mango season...just too hot, i'll probably never have a good mango.


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