Monday, September 12, 2005

A book, a movie, a really long tangent

I finally finished reading Madras on Rainy Days. It wasn't as good as i thought. I was really looking forward to reading it and had a hard time finding the book. It wasn't bad. I guess I would really like to see some really good Muslim fiction and haven't found much. I find the Indian novels actually better. The Muslim ones seem to always have characters that are more cultural Muslims. A friend passed on a few new titles to me so I plan on reading them sometime in the future, who knows when, but sometime. I do like a lot of the Indian ones. One of my very favorite Indian novels was The Namesake.

I thought I'd be doing something else this week but alas, I had more free time than I thought.

If you really want some distraction, pick up this movie. Apparently it's a classic. Now I love Bollywood, but really, they should consider dividing some of them up into four movies instead of one. Sheesh. Three and a half hours is just tooooo long. I mean all these stories have the same plot and often the same people. Doesn't this sound familiar:

Boy meets girl and girl meets boy. Boy flirts with girl and appalls girl. Girl dislikes boy. Boy keeps irritating girl for fun and in many cases then meets another girl. Girl sees boy flirting with new girl and gets a little jealous but still girl doesn't really like boy. Girl sees boy do something very thoughtful or sweet (usually related to a family member or other close person) and girl falls in love with guy. Guy ignores girl because he's moved on and accepted that girl doesn't like boy. This makes girl crazy and pouty. Eventually after some typical drama, girl and boy through song and dance realize they are perfect for each other. But alas, that can't happen. One set of parents will say no way because either girl or boy isn't good enough socially for the other. More drama. After some trickery and brown nosing of parents, the parents will finally approve. You think you are getting to the end right? Nope. This is only half way. Girl will find out something about boy and end it leaving both broken hearted yet dancing and singing about their misery. Finally they reconsemate but then someone from the past will come and mess it all up again. One misunderstanding after another and then finally some big fight scene and then everyone's happy and in love singing and dancing. Shadi time.

Now as pointless as they all are, i still succomb and watch them. God knows why. I know every time how it's going to end. But still i do. Even this time. I couldn't make it through and went to sleep while the others stayed up and finished it. I asked husband in the morning. Should i finish it? I know how it ended. Such and such happened right? Yeah. Well maybe i should finish it anyhow. I wasted three hours, i may as well see the end. So i go put it on after breakfast and finish it. Soon, mil is right there next to me watching the end again. Ah...i'm not the only one. Is it the incurable romantic in me or the slacker girl...i just don't know.


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