Thursday, September 15, 2005

A few good men or just a few men?

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We got this letter in the mail yesterday and immediately i cracked up laughing. Called DH right away to give him a good laugh. The Marines have got to be desperate because A) my husband is in his mid (and heading to his late) 30's, B) my husband is um, how should we put it, not in Marine shape, and C) his Arabic is about as good as mine...i.e. pracitically nonexistent except for prayers and a few surahs.

They have got to be desperate. Not that my husband wouldn't make a good Marine because I bet he could anything but this is pretty sad that they have to send letters to anyone with a Muslim name assuming they all speak Arabic (his name was on the letter).

What i really like is the last line (if you can't read it, click on the photo and it'll give you a bigger picture).

At least there's always job options for him if he ever gets tired of doing Corporate Finance. He could always go play in the big sandbox with those Rambo types. Now that would be funny. :-)


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