Saturday, October 29, 2005

Internet buddies

My poor computer went and died on me. The good news is i probably get a new one since it's still under the extended warranty (probably the one time i was smart to get one because the dang thing has broken more than once now). Usually extended warranties don't pay off for me. This time i think it's the hard drive or motherboard so i will probably get a brand spanking new one. Yay for me. Bad news is i'm already having withdrawls from lack of computer usage even though i only get like a half hour or hour a day. But it's only been a week and i need to wait another week or so before either getting mine back or getting the new one. It's weird but i hate not having my computer. It's sort of my window to the world and my outlet to connect with people etc. especially since becoming a mom and can't easily get out. Many of my friends are solely internet friends too and i miss those friends if i don't get to see what they are up to...and buddies blogs too. Is that weird or what or do you guys do the same thing? I have real friends too like my neighbor i walk with everyday etc but some of my best friendships are through the internet.


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