Wednesday, November 09, 2005


I finally got my computer back. The hard drive was bad. Bummer thing is i lost a lot of pictures and files and stuff. BUT after whining about that for a while i got over it after smart husband brought to my attention that the moments weren't lost and it just gives us an excuse to go to those places again and take more. People have lost a lot lately - earthquakes, hurricanes, etc. Many lost all of their belongings and thousands lost their lives and here i am whining about some files and photos. Puts things into perspective eh?

Anyhow, i have been reloading programs and trying to find some of my favorites again since i lost all those too. That really sucks cause i had so much information saved in my favorite links. I'm having a hard time finding everything i use and need. But's not such a big deal.

I don't know how it's happening but i read so much now. I've always read a lot but it's even more since having the baby and i just don't understand how that is possible. Since he was born i've read: Palace Walk (very good Muslim fiction)...i'm reading the second book of the series now, Story of Zahra (didn't like it at all), Bookseller of Kabul (loved it, loathed the family portrayed in it) and some others.

Been trying to do some research online for adopting children from Pakistan. I thought it would be a good thing to do but have found out that they have closed off adoption outside of Pakistan because they are worried the kids are going to get sold off to the slave market. How sad. We were seriously considering adopting a child or two from there because of the earthquakes. It's sad that there are so many bad people out there that the good people who want to do something good can't. And even sadder that these kids will stay in orphanages. I really wanted to do this.

Hmmm...what else is new? I guess that's it for now. I'm sooooo happy to have my computer back.


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