Tuesday, December 13, 2005


I have two types of envy as of late. Blogger envy and stroller envy. You mothers know what i'm talking about too. You see someone with a cool stroller and you wish you had that one. Peg Perego's aside (what husband wanted to get until the rational sides of us kicked in), the European strollers are awesome. We saw a German lady the other day at the park and both (dh has stroller envy too even if he won't admit it) of us were eyeing it. I had to start a conversation with her to find out where she found such a cool one. Of course - in Germany, in a country where people actually walk. I love that about Europe. That's why they have better strollers...because we are just a bunch of lazy Americans. Speaking of lazy Americans, i recently finished reading French Women Don't Get Fat. She brings up a lot of good points of why Americans are so fat. Basically it's because we overindulge and top it off with laziness.

I'm still trying to lose my baby fat after giving birth to a big baby. I was apalled when after having a 9+ pound baby that i had lost exactly 5 pounds. I mean, that's just not fair. I thought I would have lost at least the weight of the baby. I did lose another 25 pounds the first month but now i have plateaued and i think baby fat is here to stay for a while longer. Where was i going with this? Oh yeah, that's why i read the book. So all you people (you know who you are) who used to say "Oh you are so skinny. How do you do it? I'm so jealous. blah blah blah." Well no longer am i lithe. Enjoy.

The other envy i am experiencing is blog envy. I read so many good blogs that mine just pales in comparison and i wonder why i blog at all. It seems everyone's lives are so interesting and well mine is interesting to me but no one really wants to hear about how my son has started using the letter g which is a huge milestone for his age. I spend most of my time lately categorizing types of drool, cry's, babble and diapers. Diapers do need several categories as some of them actually defy physics. I mean really, how do they get doody all the way up to their shoulders like that???? The best part of my day is when my son gets on a talking spree and just blabs away and then laughs at himself and me for mimicing him. That and when i'm doing something around the house and i hear from the other room a crazy slurping sound that doesn't end and then laughter. He loves chewing on his hands and that slurping sound is a delightful part of my day. I love my little slobber monster.

I am a mother and i love it but i seem to have lost my interestingness if that's a word. That's another thing that goes with being a mom - language skills. And that's not a good thing for a writer - which by the way i'm back to doing.


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