Saturday, December 31, 2005


Well my computer crashed...again. It's the hard drive...again. I can't believe this has happened twice in one month. To look at the bright side of things, it's a Godsend. I had bought the extended warranty which runs out in February. If this happened after that, i'd have to pay out of my pocket so it's actually a good thing. The bad thing is I keep losing all my information and pictures and what not. It's important when you have a 3 month old who changes every day. I will pay $100 for the backup but they better do a better backup than they did last time - the last time i lost a lot of info and pictures etc. One more time of my computer's hard drive going out and i get a brand new laptop under the Lemon Law of Colorado. I'm betting it crashes again and according to that law if any product breaks three times for the same thing during it's lifetime, you get a new one. Since i bought it there, the law still applies to it. And if it doesn't, i'll get a new computer anyway because i'm "accidentally" going to spill a couple glasses of water on it and then i'm "accidentally" going to run over it a couple times a week after getting it back before i load all my programs on there again. I am really hating my computer right now and wishing i bought a cool one like dh's - whose i'm using to post this but unfortunately he's a working man and busy and needs his computer so i won't get to use it very much.

If you've emailed me and i haven't responded this is why. It'll probably take a couple weeks to get it back so i will probably only blog once or twice in that time and check my email the same. I guess i'll get some projects and chores done without the distraction of my beloved computer. I already made a list of what to get done. A little early spring cleaning is a good thing.


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