Monday, January 23, 2006

The weekend.

1. Am supposed to be reading this book and this one and this one as reviews on all are due very soon but can't keep my nose out of this book. He had a blog named Where is Raed? and began writing right before the attack on Iraq. It's a fascinating book and I can't keep away from it. I wish I could read the books i'm supposed to with such zeal because i really need to finish one this week so i can turn the review in. Ugh. The battle of reading for work and reading for pleasure strikes once again. Googlefight was way off.

2. We bought a wireless router, modem and all the other hoopla we need to get our own wireless connection and ended up spending a whole lot that we are getting for free right now by using our neighbor's connection. That's irritating.

3. Met the lovely Aisha on Friday and was very happy to make her acquaintance. In the words of Bogie... "I think this is the start of a beautiful friendship." MashAllah, she's just as wonderful in person as she is on her blog. The sort of people I love to have around. Another successful online meeting. She has been moved from the "i like" category of my blogroll to the "i know" category and enthusiastically so. (Nice to meet you sis.) And thanks for holding my little cuddlebug so i could eat. :-D

4. It rained all weekend which i love but turns me into a lazy slob. Love that as it's so rare to be able to do that.

5. Watched Crash this weekend. Felt like crawling into a hole and dying it was so depressingly right on about everything. I felt the world was very violent after watching it. Well also keeping an eye on the Jill Carroll situation. I am finding that so disturbing as well. I don't know she has affected me more than the other kidnapped but she just looks so je ne sais quoi, pure of heart? But back to the was very real and very good and ended with a positive note. A definate "do watch."

6. I removed Dr. Maxtor from the blogroll. I put him there after only reading a couple posts and thought he was funny. Now i realize he's serious and like many said the wahabi sort. I don't like that brand of Islam. I like the soft and gentle Islam. Religious intolerance irritates me. Osama and Bush both run off of bigoted religion. I'm not saying Dr. Maxtor is like this but after reading more of his blog, i decided his blog wasn't for me after all.

7. Now, my to do list this week: Comfort son as his teeth push through his poor little gums, get the complicated wireless stuff all set up (i'm about to just return it and write one review, get gutters cleaned before they fall off from all the rain and leaves, clean my office, get little dude an exersaucer, and lastly but not least, find out if duck is halal because i'm really craving duck and am determined to find some halal duck somewhere somehow.


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