Tuesday, January 31, 2006

I have issues.

Apparently, i have issues. Husband and I go out with a couple every so often to dinner and once we had them at our house. When at our house, the guy took second helpings of food and then ate one bite of each thing leaving a ton of food on the plate. That bothered me. Why take the second helping just to waste it? So i said something. That's me. I speak my mind.

Another time, we went out to dinner with them, husband and i shared a dish as we often do. We order one entree (most entrees in the US are way bigger than they need to be) and share it and then order a dessert and share it. It's logical, it's not wasteful, and we always have room for dessert. It works for us.

Well this last time, the woman, after everyone was done with the appetizers, there was one item left and i said I'll go ahead and eat it. She said, "Oh yeah, she (me) has issues with wasting food." Ugh. Issues with wasting food. Does she not know about the kids starving in places like Africa and India because kids don't even have a morsel of bread to eat? And i have issues? It really bugged me when she said that. Anyhow...

Muharram has begun. I always look forward to Muharram and Ramadan. I always learn a lot from the visiting scholars and sheiks. I always learn something about my religion, my faith, myself, and my husband. InshAllah i'll post some of what i learn this year...


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