Friday, January 27, 2006

Thoughts from Turning Muslim in Texas

I found it interesting but definately not representative, nor even like any of the reverts/converts i know but anyway, that's another conversation. What i couldn't believe is the Baptist mom on there saying she could have probably dealt better with her son telling her he's gay than him being a Muslim. Wha...t? I mean come on. What is her problem? I don't know any other parents that would prefer their kids to be gay than convert to a religion. That's very selfish first of all. Second of all, lots of kids (and adults) struggle with being gay. Why would she want her son to struggle through that? Third of all, according to all the religious books of monotheistic religions, being gay is a sin and a ticket to hell - this is not my opinion, it is what is in the books and whether i agree with it or not is not up for discussion. But the point is - if she's that religious, she would see being gay as being a ticket to hell so she would rather see her son go to hell than convert to another religion. Well I guess, she probably thinks that being Muslim will send him to hell too. I guess she might think he has a better chance if he's gay than Muslim? She reminds me of my Baptist neighbor who told me since i don't believe in the "right God" - Jesus (according to her), but instead believe in God himself, i can't make it to heaven. Sigh. Can't we all just get along? And why does everyone seem to think they know who's going where (heaven or hell)?

Another thing that bothered me about the video is that girl on there who was going behind the line of women praying and moving them where she thought they should be. What's that all about? Why not worry about your own prayers and get in the frame of mind to speak to your maker instead of making sure everyone has their i's dotted and t's crossed regarding prayer? I didn't get her. I didn't understand why they showed almost all niqabi's too. I have no problem with niqabi's, but it certainly isn't the majority of reverts/converts. I just feel if non-Muslims view this, they don't get an accurate portrayal. The context it is in - can America become a Muslim country - it seems like you would want to show the diversity. If i was a non-Muslim watching it, i woulda been put off because prior to converting, i thought people covering from head to toe was extreme and i'm sure others do too (non-Muslims). Maybe it's just me. I am also one of those who, when talking about Islam, sugarcoat it. I don't know why. I guess because it was hard for me to digest at first so i assume it would be hard for others - the rules of the religion, not the beliefs.

On a sidenote, that family from small town Texas along Route 66, was pretty cool. My dad is a mayor of a town near there. That would have been funny if i had moved down there like my dad wanted me too. That would raise the Muslim population of the area up to, um, 5. :-)


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