Wednesday, February 08, 2006

and more frustratedness...

I was at this procession last year... see last years post on my old blog and it was such a peaceful experience. In fact, my fondest memory is the bicycling American non-Muslim couple who stopped by and asked what the day was about and who later took a plate of hot food handed to them and listened to the lectures and learned a little something about those people they only hear about on the news.

Now i find out via email about the violence inflicted on Shias at this years NYC Muharram procession. What is going on? The recent violence and hatred wasn't enough for them? They had to go and inflict more, but this time on Muslims? Whatever they may say about us not being Muslims, they are not of the authority to decide that. Maybe they should read their Qur'an a little closer. Sister Scorpion posted this link - the group behind it.

Unbelievable. Just unbelievable. I feel so alone today. Hated and alone. I am sitting here with my son and crying because he knows nothing of what is happening in this world and is happily gooing and gaaing. What is Islam going to look like when he's a young man? My heart has a knot in it because i just don't know. He is hated by so many before he even talks or walks. How sad is that?


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