Wednesday, February 08, 2006

What can we do?

I couldn't sleep last night. I kept thinking about what is happening to our religion. What can we do to get it back? If it's not terrorism, then it's violence. I still can't believe a set of cartoons could create such a tiff. I understand how wrong they are but i still can't understand how certain Muslims take that as a reason to go crazy.

I don't think it's the cartoons alone. I think in general Muslims are tired. Tired of defending their religion, tired of living in poverty (so many do), tired of the West dictating how they should live, tired of war, just plain tired. I know I am and my life is relatively easy. All the conversations I have had with neighbors, friends and family about Islam trying to explain to them what we believe and why Islam does not allow violence are wasted. Now I have to explain why Muslims act this way and I just can't because we can only say so many times that "Islam doesn't condone this type of behavior." It's not an acceptable answer anymore.

What can we do to save our religion? I know it takes education in some parts of the world - sadly, Islamic countries seemingly need it the most. Muslims need the education. Education is needed in the US too but not in the same way. Our non-Muslims need to be educated so they know what Islam is and what Islam isn't. But we can't blame them (or these Danish cartoons) because as Hamza Yusuf was saying in a cassette i recently listened to, "Kafirs are doing what they are supposed to be doing. They are good at being kafirs. What we need to worry about is how we are as Muslims." It's a very good point. I'm ashamed right now of what my religion has turned into. I worry too how things will be for my son if this violence within Islam increases. Will there be a holocaust for Muslims in Western countries? Last night when i couldn't sleep, i kept thinking of how the Qur'an says in the end days, good will appear as bad, and bad will appear as good. Are we not in that realm already?

I'm just really sad today about our Ummah and wish i knew what to do about it. This Muharram will be filled with tears. Like in Karbala so many years ago, Islam needs to be saved. Who is going to do it? Are there any modern day Husayn's?


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